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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004An Efficient Method Including the Non-Quasistatic Effect for Frequency-Domain Simulation of Short Channel MOSFETs신형순Conference Paper
2004Analysis of Threshold Voltage Variation Due to the Quantum Effects in MOSFETs이지은Master's Thesis
2004Analysis of 2-D quantum effects in the poly-gate and their impact on the short-channel effects in double-gate MOSFETs via the density-gradient method신형순Article
2019Analysis of Cell Variability Impact on a 3-D Vertical RRAM (VRRAM) Crossbar Array Using a Modified Lumping Method신형순Article
2005Analysis of I-MOS (Impact- Ionization MOS) Characteristics using Device Simulator이상경Master's Thesis
2019Analysis of operation characteristics of junctionless poly-Si 1T-DRAM in accumulation mode신형순; 선우경Article
2019Analysis of Optimized Read/Write Operation in 3D Vertical Resistive Random Access Memory (VRRAM)최수진Doctoral Thesis
2018Analysis of Read Margin and Write Power Consumption of a 3-D vertical RRAM (VRRAM) Crossbar Array신형순; 선우경Article
2018Analysis of read margin of crossbar array according to selector and resistor variation신형순; 선우경Conference Paper
2016Analysis of Stress Effect on (110)-Oriented Single-Gate SOI nMOSFETs Using a Silicon-Thickness-Dependent Deformation Potential신형순Article
2015Analysis of stress-induced mobility enhancement on (100)-oriented single- and double-gate n-MOSFETs using silicon-thickness- dependent deformation potential신형순Article
2002Analysis of the accuracy of the local thermal noise sources for the impedance field method using the Monte Carlo method신형순Conference Paper
2016Analysis of the effect of the density of states on the characteristics of thin-film transistors신형순Conference Paper
2019Analysis of the Memristor-Based Crossbar Synapse for Neuromorphic Systems신형순; 선우경Article
2016Analysis of the substantial reduction of strain-induced mobility enhancement in (110)-oriented ultrathin double-gate MOSFETs신형순Article
2004Analysis of the T-Si-dependent subthreshold characteristics in lightly-doped asymmetric double-gate MOSFETs신형순Article; Proceedings Paper
2014Analysis of Uniaxial Strain Technologies for Electron Mobility Enhancement using Self-Consistent Poisson-Schrödinger Equation Solver선우경Doctoral Thesis
2013Analytic model of spin-torque oscillators (STO) for circuit-level simul신형순; 이승준Article
2002Analytical analysis of short-channel effects in MOSFETs for sub-100 nm technology신형순Article
2016Anomalous capacitance characteristics of TFTs with LDD structures in the saturation region신형순Article
2014Anomalous drain-induced barrier lowering effect of thin-film transistors due to capacitive coupling voltage of light-shield metal신형순Article
1999Anomalous effect of trench-oxide depth on alpha-particle-induced charge collection신형순; 김낙명Article
1998Channel length independent subthreshold characteristics in submicron MOSFET's신형순Article
2005Charge-based analytical current model for asymmetric Double-Gate MOSFETs지윤규; 신형순; 이승준Article; Proceedings Paper
2013Circuit-level model of phase-locked spin-torque oscillators신형순; 이승준Conference Paper
2009Design of logic module based on magnetic-tunnel-junction elements for nonvolatile field-programmable gate array신형순; 이승준Article
2009Design of Magneto-logic based on Magnetic-Tunnel-Junction Elements and Verification using Emulation Cell이현주Master's Thesis
2008Design of reconfigurable logic circuits based on single-layer magnetic-tunnel-junction elements신형순; 이승준Article
2005Design of Synchronous MRAM Circuits for Local-Field-Switching MTJ배지혜Master's Thesis
2003e-learning 사이트의 학습효과 증진을 위한 interface 사용성 연구이지영Master's Thesis