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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006Reactivities of mononuclear non-heme iron intermediates including evidence that iron(III) hydroperoxo species is a sluggish oxidant남원우; 김진흥Article
2013Real-time detection of DNA cleavage induced by [M(2,2′-bipyridine) 2(NO3)](NO3) (M = Cu(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II)) complexes using linear dichroism technique김진흥Article
2018Reduced Graphene Oxide-Oligonucleotide Interfaces: Understanding Based on Electrochemical Oxidation of Guanines김진흥Article
2013Rh-Hydrides vs NADH in Visible Light-Driven Photoproduction of Hydrogen Using Molecular Rhodium Catalysts and Pt Nanoparticles김수진Master's Thesis
2019Rhodamine-based near-infrared probe for emission detection of ATP in lysosomes in living cells윤주영; 김진흥Article
2012Salicylimine-based fluorescent chemosensor for aluminum ions and application to bioimaging박성수; 김진흥; 남성원Article
2011Screening and characterization of high-affinity ssDNA aptamers against anthrax protective antigen정병문; 김진흥Article
2014Selective colorimetric assay of cyanide ions using a thioamide-based probe containing phenol and pyridyl groups김진흥Article
2014Selective fluorescence assay of aluminum and cyanide ions using chemosensor containing naphthol김진흥Article
2009Selective sulfoxidation of aryl sulfides by coordinatively unsaturated metal centers in chromium carboxylate MIL-101김진흥Article
2005Self-hydroxylation of perbenzoic acids at a nonheme iron(II) center남원우; 김관묵; 김진흥; 서미숙Article
2011Sensitive fluorescence assay of anthrax protective antigen with two new DNA aptamers and their binding properties김진흥Article
2015SET-promoted photoaddition reactions of N-alpha-trimethylsilylmethyl-N, N-dibenzylamines with fullerene C-60. Electronic factors that govern photoaddition efficiencies김진흥Article
2010Simple and Sensitive Fluorescence Assay of Protective Antigen Using DNA and DNA-Peptide Conjugate이성은Master's Thesis
2012Size-dependent Interactions between Au Nanoparticles and DNA in Electrochemical Oxidation and Fluorescence QuenchingWu, QiongDoctoral Thesis
2012Size-dependent interactions between Au nanoparticles and DNA in electrochemical oxidation by metal complexes김진흥Article
2013Solvent-dependent selective fluorescence assay of aluminum and gallium ions using julolidine-based probe박성수; 김진흥Article
2006Structure and properties of a nonheme pentacoordinate iron(II) complex with a macrocyclic triazapyridinophane ligand남원우; 김관묵; 김진흥; 서미숙Article
2012Synthesis of multifunctional metal- and metal oxide core@mesoporous silica shell structures by using a wet chemical approach김진흥Article
2009Synthesis of thioethyl pendant ligand-stabilized colloidal gold nanoparticles김진흥Article
2012Systematic investigation on the central metal ion dependent binding geometry of M-meso-tetrakis(N-methylpyridinium-4-yl)porphyrin to DNA and their efficiency as an acceptor in DNA-mediated energy transfer김진흥Article
2009Temperature-sensitive biodegradable poly(ethylene glycol)정병문; 김진흥Article
2015The vital role of reduced graphene oxide in enhanced hydrogen photoproduction with a pyrene-pendant rhodium catalyst and platinum nanoparticles김진흥Article
2016Visible Light-Driven Photoproduction of NADH and Formic Acid Using Molecular Au-PtNPs Linked with Various Alkyl diamines and Au-Rh Complexes.박솔지Master's Thesis
2013Visible-light Driven Hydrogen Evolution Catalyzed by Cobalt Complex이정하Master's Thesis
2018Visible-Light-Driven Photocatalytic Water Oxidation by a pi-Conjugated Donor Acceptor Donor-Chromophore/Catalyst Assembly김진흥Article
2014Visible-Light-Driven Photoproduction of Hydrogen Using Rhodium Catalysts and Platinum Nanoparticles with Formate김성진; 김영미; 김진흥Article
2012Xanthene Dye-Sensitized Visible Light-Driven Hydrogen Production Catalyzed by Organometallic Catalysts차미선Master's Thesis
2012Z-form DNA specific binding geometry of Zn(II) meso -tetrakis(N -methylpyridinium-4-yl)porphyrin probed by linear dichroism spectroscopy김진흥Article