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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Gene-Environment Interactions of Adenosine Receptor Gene Family for Metabolic Diseases in Korean Population한지희Master's Thesis
2016견과류 섭취와 정신 건강 문제(자살 생각, 우울, 스트레스 인지)공지숙Master's Thesis
2016전통주의 특성에 따른 음식과의 조화도 연구이승은Master's Thesis
2016영양정보가 단백질 강화스낵의 기호도에 미치는 영향주소영Master's Thesis
2016재료 배합비율에 따른 유자갈수(渴水)의 개발과 품질특성 연구박정아Master's Thesis
2016소셜다이닝(Social dining) 참여자들의 집밥의 가치와 소셜다이닝 참여 동기가 참여의도에 미치는 영향김영경Master's Thesis
2016레스토랑 브랜드 자산과 확장브랜드 HMR 태도 및 행동의도 간의 관계심혜진Master's Thesis
2016Correlation between Prohibitin 1 Gene Expression and Susceptibility to Liver Disease through Human Liver Tissue Analysis김소영Master's Thesis
2016Effects of Ramulus mori ethanolic extract ameliorate insulin synthesis in db/db mice through β-cell intoxification진보라Master's Thesis
2016Effects of alternative sweeteners on metabolic disorder via regulating lipid metabolism genes in vivo임은진Master's Thesis
2016Effect of testing conditions on consumer acceptance of soy sauce전한별Master's Thesis
2016A cross-cultural study of spiciness perception, acceptability, and food pairing for hot sauces김현지Master's Thesis
2016Hepatoprotective effects of Acanthopanax koreanum Nakai on alcohol and high-fat diet induced liver injury in C57BL/6j mice김해인Master's Thesis
2016Angelica keiskei juice powder improves dysfunction of gut-liver axis in mice fed a western diet권보라Master's Thesis
2016슬로라이프를 기반으로 한 식생활교육 프로그램의 개발과 효과성 검증이효원Master's Thesis
2016쌀밥의 이미지와 밥 편의식품 선택속성의 중요도-수행도(IPA) 분석박효진Master's Thesis
2015Changes in the nutritional status and blood profiles in Vietnamese marriage-based female immigrants in South Korea양혜수Master's Thesis
2015The effects of acute intake of Capsosiphon fulvescens extract on postprandial oxidative stress in healthy adults challenged with a high-fat and high-glucose formula이유림Master's Thesis
2015Comfort Food Perceptions and Emotional Responses김정현Master's Thesis
2015알코올성 손상을 유도한 마우스 간세포에 대한 Akebia quinata 추출물의 항산화 및 항염증 효과 연구송영선Master's Thesis