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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Ammonolysis-based microencapsulation technique using isopropyl formate as dispersed solvent사홍기Article
2007Ammonolysis-induced solvent removal: A facile approach for solidifying emulsion droplets into PLGA microspheres사홍기Article
2010Another paradigm in solvent extraction-based microencapsulation technologies사홍기Article
2014Applicability of non-halogenated methyl propionate to microencapsulation사홍기Article
2012Application of acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of dispersed organic solvent in developing new microencapsulation process technology사홍기Article
2009Application of column-switching HPLC method in evaluating pharmacokinetic parameters of zaltoprofen and its salt이화정; 사홍기Article
2018Application of Non-volatile Dimethyl Carbonate to Preparation of PLGA Microspheres via New Emulsion Microencapsulation Technique김한솔Master's Thesis
2007Characterization of dual layered pellets for sustained release of poorly water-soluble drug사홍기Article
2006Characterization of itraconazole semisolid dosage forms prepared by hot melt technique사홍기Article
2015Chemical approach to solvent removal during nanoencapsulation: its application to preparation of PLGA nanoparticles with non-halogenated solvent사홍기Article
2013Concepts and practices used to develop functional PLGA-based nanoparticulate systems사홍기Review
2013Core-shell-type lipid-polymer hybrid nanoparticles as a drug delivery platform사홍기Review
2006Degradation patterns of tetracycline antibiotics in reverse micelles and water사홍기Article
2011Development of Acid-catalyzed Chemical Reaction to Prepare Weakly Acidic Drug-containing PLGA Microspheres이홍화Master's Thesis
2010Development of Isopropyl Formate-based Solvent Evaporation Process for Preparing PLGA Microspheres장지영Master's Thesis
2006Development of new microencapsulation techniques useful for the preparation of PLGA microspheres사홍기Article
2012Development of New Microencapsulation Technology Based on Acid-Catalyzed Solvent Extraction이민정Master's Thesis
2008Effect of pharmaceutical excipients on aqueous stability of rabeprazole sodium사홍기Article
2013Effects of Drug Type upon Characteristics of PLGA Microspheres Prepared by Saponification-Based Microencapsulation Technique이선화Master's Thesis
2016How to circumvent untoward drug crystallization during emulsion-templated microencapsulation process사홍기Article
2006Improvement of interfacial protein stability by CHAPS김길수; 사홍기Article
2014Introduction of Methyl Propionate to Oil-in-Water Emulsion Based Microencapsulation강주경Master's Thesis
2011Investigation of Structural Integrity of PLGA During Ammonolysis-based Microencapsulation Process허선주Master's Thesis
2011Investigation on structural integrity of PLGA during ammonolysis-based microencapsulation process이선화; 사홍기Article
2019Merits of sponge-like PLGA microspheres as long-acting injectables of hydrophobic drug사홍기Article
2016Methylamine acts as excellent chemical trigger to Harden emulsion droplets into spongy PLGA microspheres사홍기Article
2010New Ammonolysis-based Microencapsulation Technique Using Isopropyl Formate as Dispersed Solvent임혜음Master's Thesis
2016New Nanoencapsulation Technique for Preparation of PLGA Nanoparticles Based on Alkaline Hydrolysis이영미Master's Thesis
2011Nonhalogenated solvent-based solvent evaporation process useful in preparation of PLGA microspheres사홍기Article
2009Pharmacokinetic Study of Nox Inhibitor in Rats Using Validated HPLC Method김서영Master's Thesis