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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016A Survey of General Populations' and Physicians' Risk Perception of Sedation나윤숙Doctoral Thesis
2016Administration and efficiency comparison of chloral hydrate during pediatric sedation이선화Doctoral Thesis
2016Effects of propofol on memory function in adult mice조수영Doctoral Thesis
2016Finite element analysis of the stress distribution on teeth and craniofacial bones in the end-on class II and full-cusp class II occlusion이수경Doctoral Thesis
2016Influence of CT Parameters and Measurement Methods on the Measurement Accuracy of Groundglass Nodules이소원Doctoral Thesis
2016Mer receptor tyrosine kinase promotes resolution of acute sterile inflammation via up-regulation of liver X receptor expression and activation최지연Doctoral Thesis
2016Effect of Human Umbilical Cord Blood-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells on Proliferation and Matrix Synthesis of Diabetic Fibroblasts in Vitro정재아Doctoral Thesis
2016The Role of MicroRNA as a Biomarker for the Diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome송도경Doctoral Thesis
2016Use of Amide Proton Transfer Imaging as a Biomarker for Tumor Proliferation박지은Doctoral Thesis
2016Complications Following US-guided Core-needle Biopsy for Thyroid Lesions하은주Doctoral Thesis
2016대장암 세포에서 상피세포성장인자 자극 하 Rab25에 의한 인테그린 베타 1의 수송에 대한 연구홍경숙Doctoral Thesis
2016한국 폐경 여성에서 신경펩티드 유전자 다형성과 골밀도와의 연관성천은희Doctoral Thesis
2016공급 식품에 따른 총 당류 섭취와 비만 및 대사 이상 위험과의 관련성허양임Doctoral Thesis
2016염증성 장질환 동물 모델에서 편도 유래 중간엽 줄기 세포를 이용한 치료 효과 연구송은미Doctoral Thesis
2015Inhibition of β-catenin to overcome endocrine resistance in tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer cell line원혜성Doctoral Thesis
2015Radiation Dose of Fluoroscopy and Angiography in Children조현혜Doctoral Thesis
2015Development of Three-Dimensionally Printed Polyurethane Patch Type Prostheses to Repair Partial Tracheal Defects정수연Doctoral Thesis
2015Detection and Molecular Mechanisms of Ertapenem Resistance in Enterobacteriaceae정혜선Doctoral Thesis
2015한국 폐경여성에서 카나비노이드 수용체 유전자의 단일염기다형성 양상과 골밀도와의 연관성우재희Doctoral Thesis
2015Development of a Meningococcal Serum Bactericidal Assay Improved by an Overlay Agar Method with Coloring Colonies김한울Doctoral Thesis