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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009A dream combination for catalysis: Highly reactive and recyclable scandium(iii) triflate-catalyzed cyanosilylations of carbonyl compounds in an ionic liquid이상기Article
2013A multifunction Pd/Sc(OTf)3/ionic liquid catalyst system for the tandem one-pot conversion of phenol to ε-caprolactam이상기Article
2010A new approch for catalyst optimization: Host/guest complexes of chiral bisphosphine bearing imidazolidinone and their application in Rh-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation이상기Article
2008A new type of self-supported, polymeric Ru-carbene complex for homogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous recovery: Synthesis and catalytic activities for ring-closing metathesis이상기; 김주현Article
2010Acid-mediated activation of modified ring-closing metathesis catalysts이상기Article
2007Activation of Lewis acid catalysts in the presence of an organic salt containing a non-coordinating anion: Its origin and application potential이상기Article
2015Advances in tandem reactions with organozinc reagents이상기; Jean Bouffard; 김주현Review
2009An effective and general method for the highly regioselective synthesis of 1-phenylpyrazoles from β-enaminoketoesters, tandem Blaise-acylation adducts김영미; 이상기Article
2013An expedient and divergent tandem one-pot synthesis of pyrimidin-2,4-diones using the blaise reaction intermediate이상기; 김주현Article
2009An ionic-liquid-functionalized MWNT/Epoxy composite이상기Conference Paper
2011Anion-dependent electrocatalytic activity of supported palladium catalysts onto imidazolium salt-functionalized carbon nanotubes in oxygen reduction reaction이종목; 이상기; 전유성Article
2018Asymmetric Rh(II)/Pd(0) Relay Catalysis: Synthesis of alpha-Quaternary Chiral beta-Lactams through Enantioselective C-H Insertion/Diastereoselective Allylation of Diazoamides이상기Article
2008Biomimetic coating of gold nanoparticles with ultrathin silica layers이상기Article
2011Biosynthesis of the allylmalonyl-CoA extender unit for the FK506 polyketide synthase proceeds through a dedicated polyketide synthase and facilitates the mutasynthesis of analogues윤여준; 이상기Article
2009Catalytic Activity of Binuclear Ru-Complexes in Ring-Closing Metathesis이상기; 김주현; Chen Shu WeiArticle
2012Chemoselective intramolecular alkylation of the Blaise reaction intermediates: Tandem one-pot synthesis of exo -cyclic enaminoesters and their applications toward the synthesis of N -heterocyclic compounds이상기; 김주현Article
2016Cooperative Pd(0)/Rh(II) Dual Catalysis: Interceptive Capturing of pi-Allyl Pd(II) Complexes with alpha-Imino Rh(II) Carbenoids이상기Article
2006Covalent modification of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with imidazolium-based ionic liquids: Effect of anions on solubility이상기Article
2012Cu(OAc)2-catalyzed tandem Blaise/Pinner-type reaction for one-pot synthesis of pyrimidin-4-ones이상기; 김주현Article
2015Cu-I/Rh-II-Catalyzed Tandem Convergent Multicomponent Reaction for the Regio- and Stereocontrolled Synthesis of gamma-Oxo-beta-amino Esters이상기Article
2012Development of supported catalysts for tandem catalytic reactions이상기Meeting Abstract
2014DMF as a source of oxygen and aminomethine: Stereoselective 1,2-insertion of rhodium(II) azavinyl carbenes into the C=O bond of formamides for the synthesis of cis -diamino enones김영미; 이상기; 김주현Article
2012Effective functionalization of carbon nanotubes for bisphenol F epoxy matrix composites이상기Article
2008Enantioselective Catalysis in Ionic Liquids and Supercritical CO2이상기Chapter
2011Epoxy resin nanocomposites reinforced with ionized liquid stabilized carbon nanotubes이상기Article
2008Faradaic impedance titration and control of electron transfer of 1-(12-mercaptododecyl)imidazole monolayer on a gold electrode이상기Article
2014Formation of four different aromatic scaffolds from nitriles through tandem divergent catalysis이상기; Jean Bouffard; 김주현Article
2014From triazoles to imidazolines through the sequential N-H insertion of α-imino rhodium-carbenes into β-enamino esters/enamine-imine tautomerization/conjugate addition cascade김영미; 이상기; Jean Bouffard; 김주현Article
2006Functionalized imidazolium salts for task-specific ionic liquids and their applications이상기Article
2009Gelation, functionalization, and solution behaviors of nanodiamonds with ionic liquids이민영; 이상기Article