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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016A Phellinus baumii-based supplement containing Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge rescues the risks of atherothrombosis임예니Doctoral Thesis
2018Association between carotenoid intake and bone mineral density and major food sources of carotenoid in the Korean populationGEBREAMANUEL MERON REGUDoctoral Thesis
2018Dietary variety modifies the association between stress and chronic disease in middle-aged Korean adults신윤진Doctoral Thesis
2018Anti-cancer stemness effect of β-carotene and β, β-carotene 15-15’ monooxygenase in human neuroblastoma cells김유선Doctoral Thesis
2016중국 남·북방지역의 식문화에 따른 식사섭취실태와 식사패턴 관한 연구SONG FANGFANGDoctoral Thesis
2016온톨로지 기반 빅데이터 분석에 따른 식품안전 위험도 예측배지영Doctoral Thesis
2016한국인 제 2형 당뇨병 여성의 플라보노이드 섭취와 심혈관 질환 위험인자와의 관련성오지수Doctoral Thesis
2015조선후기 의궤도설과 기록화를 통해서 본 연향 연구정희정Doctoral Thesis
2015Integration of multiomics data and biochemical phenotypes to evaluate the functionality of Korean black raspberries in the exercise challenge protocol김유진Doctoral Thesis
2013Evidence-Based Guidelines for Designing Human Intervention Trials to Evaluate the Effects of a Food or Its Constituents on the Liver정세원Doctoral Thesis
2013초등학생 미각교육 프로그램 개발과 적용 및 치료 효과박보경Doctoral Thesis
2012Associations between obesity-related genes polymorphisms and dietary nutrient intake on obesity두미애Doctoral Thesis
2012The effect of paternal folate status on folate metabolism and development in pre- and postnatal rat brain김혜원Doctoral Thesis
2011이주자의 한국 음식문화적응에 관한 연구배윤경Doctoral Thesis
2014품질기능전개(Quality Function Deployment)기법을 활용한 외식 상품 기획오지은Doctoral Thesis
2010근대 이후 100년간 한국 육류구이 문화의 변화이규진Doctoral Thesis
2010Antihypertensive Effect of Triol-Enriched Fraction of Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) Ethanol Extract in Vitro and in Vivo홍소영Doctoral Thesis
2010Relationship of maternal folate nutrition and serum C-reactive protein levels with pregnancy outcome김혜숙Doctoral Thesis
2012Effects of D-Psicose on Glucose and Lipid Metabolism문민선Doctoral Thesis
2009제 2 형 당뇨병 환자의 맞춤 배달 식사 중재 평가 및 웹기반 당뇨식단프로그램 개발이은Doctoral Thesis