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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Class groups of cyclic extensions over the rational function field유진주Doctoral Thesis
2019Key Substitution Security For Lattice-Based Signatures안영주Doctoral Thesis
2018Efficient Computations in GLS Curves and FHE over the Integers김은경Doctoral Thesis
2016Aluthge, Duggal, and mean operator transforms and local spectral theory of some operator equations이미정Doctoral Thesis
2016Construction for Families of Pairing-friendly Elliptic Curves이파라Doctoral Thesis
2011On 2×2 operator matrices with commuting components김연하Doctoral Thesis
2010Verifiably Encrypted Signature Schemes without Random Oracles and Analysis of Certificateless Signature Schemes이주희Doctoral Thesis
2008The Helton class of operators and Rank one perturbations of the unilateral shift이지은Doctoral Thesis
2007Development of New Classes of Wavelet Systems for Data Representation이연주Doctoral Thesis
2002Weakly starlike and weakly close-to-convex p-valent functions홍혜성Doctoral Thesis
1990Extreme points of class of spiral functions and its application정계선Doctoral Thesis
1998A Geometric approach for the intersections of cyclides and spheres강희Doctoral Thesis
1998Symplectic surfaces in symplectic 4-manifolds조미성Doctoral Thesis
1994Heights on curves최현주Doctoral Thesis
1994The Schur group of a Krull domain신경희Doctoral Thesis
1994Morse theory, Conley index and flow on sphere bundles정영선Doctoral Thesis
1999Rigidity of maslov class and exotic symplectic structure윤진의Doctoral Thesis
1997A class of holomorphic functions related to the functions with bounded boundary rotation박영옥Doctoral Thesis
1997Seiberg-witten invariants and product formulas on quotient manifolds홍윤희Doctoral Thesis