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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006Biochemical basis of genotoxicity of heterocyclic arylamine food mutagens: Human DNA polymerase η selectively produces a two-base deletion in copying the N2-guanyl adduct of 2-amino-3-methylimidazo[4,5-f]quinoline but not the C8 adduct at the NarI G3 site최정윤Article
2014Comparison of Chondrogenesis of Tonsil-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in 2D and 3D culture conditions최정윤Master's Thesis
2010Cytoprotective effects of triphlorethol-A against formaldehyde-induced oxidative damage and apoptosis: Role of mitochondria-mediated caspase-dependent pathway최정윤Article
2018I do care about your response as much as you do about mine최정윤Master's Thesis
2010In vitro bypass of the major malondialdehyde-and base propenal-derived DNA adduct by human Y-family DNA polymerases κ, τ, and Rev1최정윤Article
2009Kinetic Analysis of Base-Pairing Preference for Nucleotide Incorporation Opposite Template Pyrimidines by Human DNA Polymerase ι최정윤Article
2008Kinetic analysis of translesion synthesis opposite bulky N2- and O6-alkylguanine DNA adducts by human DNA polymerase REV1최정윤Article
2006Kinetic evidence for inefficient and error-prone bypass across bulky N 2-guanine DNA adducts by human DNA polymerase최정윤Article
2010Mechanistic studies with DNA polymerases reveal complex outcomes following bypass of DNA damage최정윤Review
2021Signal detection of adverse drug reactions of cephalosporins using data from a national pharmacovigilance database최정윤; 이정연; 김명규Article
2011Silver nanoparticles induce oxidative cell damage in human liver cells through inhibition of reduced glutathione and induction of mitochondria-involved apoptosis최정윤Article
2010Structural basis for proficient incorporation of dTTP opposite O 6-methylguanine by human DNA polymerase ι최정윤Article
2006Translesion synthesis across 1,N2-ethenoguanine by human DNA polymerases최정윤Article
2010Translesion Synthesis across Abasic Lesions by Human B-Family and Y-Family DNA Polymerases α, δ, η, ι, κ, and REV1최정윤Article
2006Translesion synthesis across bulky N2-alkyl guanine DNA adducts by human DNA polymerase κ최정윤Article
2006Translesion synthesis across O6-alkylguanine DNA adducts by recombinant human DNA polymerases최정윤Article
2011고세균의 DNA polymerase Vent와 Dpo4의 손상 DNA에 대한 translesion DNA 합성임선희Master's Thesis
1995교회교육 敎師傷 및 敎師敎育에 관한 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
2009권한을 초과한 타인 신용카드 사용행위의 형사책임최정윤Master's Thesis
2000다 사용자 온라인 게임(MMPOG)의 상호작용과 가상 현실 경험에 관한 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
2012미국 팝아트에 나타난 상표 이미지 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
1997민주 시민성 교육 내용의 계열성에 관한 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
2022베이지안 변수 선택 기법을 적용한 영화평점 예측 머신러닝 모형 비교최정윤Master's Thesis
2003수중 환경에서 황과 구리 이온 간의 침전 및 흡착 반응성에 관한 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
2003연주자의 관점으로 본 Goethe의 시 "Kennst du das Land" 에 의한 Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Liszt, Wolf의 가곡 비교 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
2022조원행 작곡 해금을 위한 중주곡 <넋두리> 분석 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
2018중국어권 한국어 학습자의 읽기 효능감 구성 요인에 관한 연구최정윤Master's Thesis
1990중등학교 체육교사의 자질 특성에 대한 분석 연구최정윤Doctoral Thesis
2015페미니즘의 시각에서 마이요의 발레작품 <신데렐라> 분석최정윤Master's Thesis
1981헬드클럽의 현황과 그 회원 활동의 실태조사최정윤Master's Thesis