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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021A multitarget mechanism of mistletoe phytochemicals in suppressing age-related muscle weakness and atrophy정혜윤Doctoral Thesis
2023Effects of adenosine derivatives from Cordyceps militaris on ovarian cancer and aging윤소영Doctoral Thesis
2023건강한 식사에 대한 인지구조 및 이에 따른 즉석섭취식품 선택속성 연구여가은Doctoral Thesis
20221인 가구와 다인 가구의 식이 섭취와 건강상태 연구이승재Doctoral Thesis
2022Beta-carotene suppresses cancer cachexia by regulating adipose and muscle tissues metabolism김예린Doctoral Thesis
2022Effect of dietary fat intake on obesity risk and its modulation by circadian clock control손진영Doctoral Thesis
2022텍스트 마이닝을 활용한 근대 조리서의 분석 연구이승은Doctoral Thesis
2021한국인 중장년층의 우유 및 유제품 섭취와 심뇌혈관질환과의 관련성 연구정예승Doctoral Thesis
2021Kano-ISA 모델을 사용한 산업체 급식 유형별 고객만족 요인에 관한 연구곽지원Doctoral Thesis
2021식품의 소비자 기호유도 및 형성인자김미란Doctoral Thesis
2021식품문해력(Food Literacy) 척도 개발 및 적용나예슬Doctoral Thesis
2018Integration of genomics or metagenomics and clinical data to predict the anti-obesity effect of dietary intervention using randomized controlled trial of Seapolynol이효진Doctoral Thesis
2020분단이후 북한 식생활의 시기별 변화 연구최은경Doctoral Thesis
2020Metabolic tracking of isoflavones in healthy adults after consumption of fermented soybean (Cheonggukjang) diet장환희Doctoral Thesis
2020Association of frailty with dietary intake and living status in Korean elderly장원Doctoral Thesis
2019Mulberry fruit anthocyanin ameliorates inflammation via regulation of adipose tissue macrophage function and skeletal muscle mitochondrial biogenesis in high-fat diet-induced obese rats정선윤Doctoral Thesis
2019Food processing method is a critical factor for secondary data evaluation of health benefits of functional food곽진숙Doctoral Thesis
2019The effects of alternative sweeteners, phyllodulcin, leucrose, and turanose, on metabolic diseases and inflammatory disease in vivo and in vitro김은주Doctoral Thesis
2019High carbohydrate/high sodium diet, low dietary variety, and metabolic diseases among middle-aged Koreans in rural and urban areas이서현Doctoral Thesis
2018Nutrition Screening Index and Appetite Alteration Model for Hemodialysis Patients황원선Doctoral Thesis