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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024A first-principles study of titanyl phthalocyanine (TiOPc) as an effective buffer layer for surface spin systems남궁영Master's Thesis
2024Charge Transport & Optoelectronic Properties of Lead Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaic Applications윤수오Master's Thesis
2024Plasmon-Induced Hot Electron Injection and Local Surface Potential Modification in WS2/Au-Nanogratings임서영Master's Thesis
2023Magnetic interfacial effect in Graphene\IrMn3\Co heterostructuresPham, Cao Huyen TrangMaster's Thesis
2023STM/AFM Studies of Nitrogen-doped graphene on Pt(111) surface서정아Master's Thesis
2023STM Studies on Metal-Organic Spin Networks on Metallic Substrates전세림Master's Thesis
2023Development of a Machine-Learning-Assisted Method for the Analysis of X-Ray Spectra of Vanadyl Phthalocyanines Spin Qubit Candidates이재현Master's Thesis
2023Topological phases in the two-dimensional systems of insulator and superconductor박지현Master's Thesis
2022Raman study on stretching modes in CH3NH3PbCl3 and CoNb2O6박주희Master's Thesis
2023Construction and Characterization of a Sub-Kelvin Scanning Tunneling Microscope for Studying Single Atom/Molecule Magnets정연진Master's Thesis
2023Optimization of the surface morphology of copper/sapphire microstrip resonators for the detection of molecular spin qubit ultrathin films박주영Master's Thesis
2023Enhancing the lifetime of atomic spin chains studied by a homebuilt scanning tunneling microscope with electron spin resonance capability안태홍Master's Thesis
2023Construction of ion trap devices and isotope selective trapping toward quantum computing김혜린Master's Thesis
2022Studying Charge Transfer SERS by Using Various Low Dimensional Semiconductor Substrates장유진Master's Thesis
2022Measurement of Radioactivities of Soil Samples from Antarctica Using HPGe Detectors박채연Master's Thesis
2022𝝅𝟎-hadron Correlations in Au+Au Collisions at √𝒔𝑵𝑵 = 𝟐𝟎𝟎 𝑮𝒆𝑽 with PHENIX at RHIC김태희Master's Thesis
20222D-3D Heterostructures Consisting of MoS2 Monolayers and SiO2 Nanopillars최혜지Master's Thesis
2022Realization and characterization of Cu/sapphire coplanar resonators for surface ensemble electron spin resonance유지수Master's Thesis
2022Raman Scattering Studies of MoS2, WS2 and their Heterostructure백수연Master's Thesis
20222차원 위상절연체의 끝머리 상태에 대한 교환 결합의 영향이데레사Master's Thesis