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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Role of ETRAP, CHD3 and Notch signaling in peripheral CD8 T lymphocyte differentiation박미진Doctoral Thesis
2012Proteomic Analysis of Fas-Associated Factor 1 as a Scaffolding Protein이제진Doctoral Thesis
2012Transcriptome Analysis of Low-Oxygen Stress Responses in Arabidopsis황지혜Doctoral Thesis
2016Effects of Genetic Polymorphisms on Ritodrine Efficacy in Patients with Preterm Labors박진영Doctoral Thesis
2016Association of NR3C1 and VDR polymorphisms with stable warfarin doses in patients with mechanical cardiac valves이경은Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of Metabolizing Enzyme Gene Polymorphisms on Sulindac Pharmacokinetics in Pregnant Women with Preterm Labor박선이Doctoral Thesis
2015Adherence to upfront and extended adjuvant letrozole therapy among patients with breast cancer in clinical practice setting이혜숙Doctoral Thesis
2015Effects of regulatory nuclear receptor (CAR, HNF4α and PXR) genetic polymorphisms on stable warfarin doses in patients with mechanical cardiac valves문정연Doctoral Thesis
2015Development of Clinical Pharmacy Services for Intensive Care Units in a Korean Tertiary Hospital김정미Doctoral Thesis
2016Pre-operative medication review in surgical oncology patients receiving comprehensive geriatric assessment and its association with post-operative delirium정영미Doctoral Thesis
2013Development of mesenchymal stem cell-based cell therapy김인옥Doctoral Thesis
2013Collagen-induced H₂O₂ generation regulates platelet activation through oxidation of SHP-2장지용Doctoral Thesis
2013Development of web applications for fusion gene and post-GWAS analyses윤서연Doctoral Thesis
2012Attenuation of colitis in peroxiredoxin II-deficient mice by regulatory T cells원희연Doctoral Thesis
2011Intracelluar antibody to pSTAT3(Y705) as a novel motif-specific inhibitor of signal transduction구미영Doctoral Thesis
2011Analyses of the gene expression data based on co-expression modules주혜준Doctoral Thesis
2011Derivation of complementary index from the statistical analysis of spontaneous reporting data and claims data in Korea김자영Doctoral Thesis
2011Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing and Signaling in Candida albicansKavitha SrinivasaDoctoral Thesis
2011Regulatory mechanism of Dual oxidase In Drosophila Gut immunity이경아Doctoral Thesis
2011Role of mammalian chromatin remodeling complexes in DNA damage response and genome stability박은정Doctoral Thesis