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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Attenuation of colitis in peroxiredoxin II-deficient mice by regulatory T cells원희연Doctoral Thesis
2011Intracelluar antibody to pSTAT3(Y705) as a novel motif-specific inhibitor of signal transduction구미영Doctoral Thesis
2011Analyses of the gene expression data based on co-expression modules주혜준Doctoral Thesis
2011Derivation of complementary index from the statistical analysis of spontaneous reporting data and claims data in Korea김자영Doctoral Thesis
2011Hydrogen Peroxide Sensing and Signaling in Candida albicansKavitha SrinivasaDoctoral Thesis
2011Regulatory mechanism of Dual oxidase In Drosophila Gut immunity이경아Doctoral Thesis
2011Role of a novel adaptor protein, ARAP in T cell activation정승희Doctoral Thesis
2011Role of mammalian chromatin remodeling complexes in DNA damage response and genome stability박은정Doctoral Thesis
2011Novel Intracellular Protein Delivery Carriers Based on pH-Responsive Mesoporous Nanoparticles박희성Doctoral Thesis
2010The role of Wnt signaling in peripheral T/B lymphocyte differentiation우영주Doctoral Thesis
2010Protective Roles of Antioxidant Proteins against Oxidative Stress in the Kidney박선주Doctoral Thesis
2010Receptor-mediated Activation of NADPH Oxidases and Phospholipase C-γ1오태나Doctoral Thesis
2010Roles of Arrest-Defective Protein - 1 in the Tumorigenesis이미니Doctoral Thesis
2010Regulatory mechanisms of epithelial innate immunity in Drosophila한상희Doctoral Thesis
2010Protective role of Peroxiredoxin III and Sulfiredoxin against mitochondrial H₂O₂-mediated damage in cardiomyocytes노유현Doctoral Thesis
2010Functional Switching of TGFβ1 Signaling in Liver Cancer via DNA Methylation of a Single CpG Site in TTP Promoter손보화Doctoral Thesis
2010Part 1. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of novel biaryl amide compounds as analgesics감유림Doctoral Thesis
2010Toxicolkinetics and Inflammatory Responses of Manufactured Nanoparticles조민정Doctoral Thesis
2010Prediction of the Drug Permeability through Quantitative Structure : Permeability Relationship Study정서정Doctoral Thesis
2010A novel function of cytosolic Hsp60 in inflammatory responses천정녀Doctoral Thesis