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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010A biomimetic ferric hydroperoxo porphyrin intermediate남원우; Joan S. ValentineArticle
2007A chiral ketone for enantioselective recognition of 1,2-amino alcohols남원우; 김관묵Article
2017A Chromium(III)-Superoxo Complex as a Three-Electron Oxidant with a Large Tunneling Effect in Multi-Electron Oxidation of NADH Analogues남원우; 이용민; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 정지은Article
2012A chromium(III)-superoxo complex in oxygen atom transfer reactions as a chemical model of cysteine dioxygenase남원우; 조재흥Article
2016A cobalt(II) iminoiodane complex and its scandium adduct: mechanistic promiscuity in hydrogen atom abstraction reactions남원우Article
2001A ferric-cyanide-bridged one-dimensional dirhodium complex with (18-crown-6)potassium cations김성진; 남원우; 김영미Article
2012A fluorescence turn-on H 2O 2 probe exhibits lysosome-localized fluorescence signals남원우; 이서구; 강동민; 조재흥; 유영민Article
1998A high-valent iron(IV) oxo porphyrin cation radical complex in olefin epoxidation reactions남원우Article
2003A highly active zinc catalyst for the controlled polymerization of lactide남원우Article
2007A highly efficient non-heme manganese complex in oxygenation reactions김성진; 남원우; 김영미; 김진흥; 서미숙Article
2011A highly reactive mononuclear non-heme manganese(IV)-oxo complex that can activate the strong C-H bonds of alkanes남원우; 서미숙; 이용민Article
2017A Highly Reactive Oxoiron(IV) Complex Supported by a Bioinspired N3O Macrocyclic Ligand남원우Article
2005A highly selective fluorescent chemosensor for Pb2+남원우; 윤주영; 김관묵; 서미숙Article
2016A Manganese(V)-Oxo Complex: Synthesis by Dioxygen Activation and Enhancement of Its Oxidizing Power by Binding Scandium Ion남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Article
2013A mononuclear non-heme high-spin iron(III)-hydroperoxo complex as an active oxidant in sulfoxidation reactions남원우; 조재흥Article
2013A mononuclear non-heme manganese(IV)-oxo complex binding redox-inactive metal ions남원우; 서미숙; 이용민; 박영준Article
2014A Mononuclear Non-heme Mn(III)-Hydroperoxo Complex from Direct Protonation of a Peroxo Species소희Master's Thesis
2016A mononuclear nonheme cobalt(III)-hydroperoxide complex with an amphoteric reactivity in electrophilic and nucleophilic oxidative reactions남원우; 이용민Article
2013A mononuclear nonheme iron(iii)-peroxo complex binding redox-inactive metal ions남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Article
2011A mononuclear nonheme iron(IV)-oxo complex which is more reactive than cytochrome P450 model compound I남원우; 서미숙Article
2017A Mononuclear Nonheme Iron(V)-Imido Complex남원우; 이용민Article
2014A Mononuclear Nonheme Manganese(V)-Oxo Complex Binding Redox-Inactive Metal Ion: Remarkable Enhancement of Electron Transfer Properties남원우Meeting Abstract
2015A nonheme manganese(iv)-oxo species generated in photocatalytic reaction using water as an oxygen source남원우; 이용민Article
2017A subphthalocyanine-pyrene dyad: electron transfer and singlet oxygen generation남원우; Shunichi FukuzumiArticle
2016A theoretical study into a trans-dioxo Mn-V porphyrin complex that does not follow the oxygen rebound mechanism in C-H bond activation reactions남원우Article
2008A two-state reactivity rationale for counterintuitive axial ligand effects on the C-H activation reactivity of nonheme FeIV=O oxidants남원우Article
2005Accelerated cerebral ischemic injury by activated macrophages/microglia after lipopolysaccharide microinjection into rat corpus callosum남원우; 김원기Article
2017Achieving One-Electron Oxidation of a Mononuclear Nonheme Iron(V)-Imido Complex남원우Article
2011Acid-Base Effects on High-Valent Iron Porphyrins박선경Master's Thesis
2013Acid-induced mechanism change and overpotential decrease in dioxygen reduction catalysis with a dinuclear copper complex남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민; Kenneth D. KarlinArticle