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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020A review of instruments measuring special educators' competencies박지연; 이숙향; 김유리Article
2020A systematic review of experimental research on positive behavior support for students with severe disabilities김유리Review
2019A qualitative inquiry on realities and support needs regarding use of simplified manual sign for communication of students with visual impairments and multiple disabilities based on experiences and perceptions of parents and teachers박은혜Article
2019Parents' and special education professionals' support needs on special education support center for the physical and multiple disabilities박은혜Article
2019Effects of an Interview Article Writing Intervention Using Class-wide SNS on Writing Abilities and Self-Esteem of Students With Intellectual Disabilities and Peers’ Attitudes이숙향Article
2019A qualitative inquiry on medical service improvement and support needs based on medical service and self-determination experiences of people with disabilities이숙향Article
2020Communication of nonverbal students with severe and multiple disabilities: A systematic scoping review [비구어 중도중복장애 학생의 의사소통에 대한 범위연구]김유리Article
2019School-wide positive behavior support in six special schools of South Korea: processes and outcomes across years박지연Article
2018Effects of TEACCH Structured Teaching on Independent Work Skills among Individuals with Severe Disabilities김유리Article
2018Pre­service special educators’ perceptions about collaboration with general educators in Korea: Implications for personnel preparation programs박지연; 이숙향; 김유리Article
2017A study on the verification of AAC graphic symbols Focusing on nouns, adverbs, and verbs박은혜; 김영태Article
2003Service integration in early intervention determining interpersonal and structural factors for its success박지연Article
2000Increasing Early Social-Communicative Skills of Preverbal Preschool Children with Autism Through Social Interactive Training황복선Article
2003Family Quality of Life: A Qualitative Inquiry박지연Article
2003Characteristics of friendships between children with and without mild disabilities이소현Article
2005Impact of information and weekly contact on attitudes of korean general educators and nondisabled students regarding peers with disabilities박은혜Article
1996The relationship between stereotypic behavior and peer social interaction for children with severe disabilities이소현Article
2000Increasing early social-communicative skills of preverbal preschool children with autism through social interactive training황복선Article
2017Rapid Assessment of Microbiota Changes in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder Using Bacteria-derived Membrane Vesicles in Urine이소현; 서주영; 한평림; 김의정Article
2016Evaluation of a Sexual Abuse Prevention Program for Children with Intellectual Disabilities김유리Article