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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022A literature review on career chance experiences: Conceptualization and sociocultural influences on research김남희Article
2022The Philippine Teachers Concerns on Educational Reform Using Concern Based Adoption Model정제영; 이선복Article
2022Current Discussions on Employees and Organizations During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Literature Review김남희Review
2022Korean cross-cultural kids’ acculturation types and cultural adaptation오인수Article
2021South Korean’s fever for public service jobs and exam ronins: from a NHRD management framework김남희Article
2021The Accurate Measurement of Students' Learning in E-Learning Environments이선복; 최윤정Article
2021A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding Sexual Minority College Students in South Korea오인수Article
2021Implementation and evaluation of the Youth Police Academy school bullying prevention program in South Korea한유경; 엄수정; 송애리Article
2021Multidimensional structure and measurement invariance of school engagement이선복Article
2020Logistic Regression Procedure Using Penalized Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Differential Item Functioning이선복Article
2019Lessons learned from two years of K-MOOC experience정제영; 이선복Article
2019Are MOOC Learning Analytics Results Trustworthy? With Fake Learners, They Might Not Be!이선복Article
2019Career chance experience of Korean women workers김남희Article
2020Using the Tidyverse Package in R for Simulation Studies in SEM이선복Article
2020Parents' gesture adaptations to children with autism spectrum disorder이선복Article
2020Are bully-victims homogeneous? Latent class analysis on school bullying정제영; 이선복Article
2020A critical incident study: Exploring Korean workers’ experiences with career chance events김남희Article
2020Factors affecting youth citizenship in accordance with socioeconomic background정제영; 김현주Article
2016Head Start Impact on Social-Emotional Outcomes for Children With Disabilities신태섭Article
2019The Machine Learning-Based Dropout Early Warning System for Improving the Performance of Dropout Prediction정제영; 이선복Article