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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2005A Cookbook for Traditional Korean Weddings이연주Master's Thesis
2013A family of non-stationary subdivision schemes reproducing exponential polynomials윤정호; 이연주Article
2014A framework for moving least squares method with total variation minimizing regularization윤정호; 이연주Article
2003A Stationary Binary Subdivision Scheme By Radial Basis Function Interpolation이연주Master's Thesis
2014Adaptive total variation minimization-based image enhancement from flash and no-flash pairs윤정호; 이연주Article
2013An improved weighted essentially non-oscillatory scheme with a new smoothness indicator윤정호; 이연주Article
2007Convergence of increasingly flat radial basis interpolants to polynomial interpolants윤정호; 이연주Article
2007Development of New Classes of Wavelet Systems for Data Representation이연주Doctoral Thesis
2010Homomorphic Public key systems on Elliptic curve groups이연주Master's Thesis
2018Improving consumer test method for product innovation이연주Master's Thesis
2011Initial Voriconazole Trough Blood Levels and Treatment Outcomes of Invasive Aspergillosis in Patients with Hematologic Malignancy이연주Master's Thesis
2012Mapped WENO schemes based on a new smoothness indicator for Hamilton-Jacobi equations윤정호; 이연주Article
2013Modified essentially nonoscillatory schemes based on exponential polynomial interpolation for hyperbolic conservation laws윤정호; 이연주; 하영수Article
2010Neuroprotective and memory enhancing effects of Phytoceramide이연주Master's Thesis
2013On collocation matrices for interpolation and approximation이연주Article
2014On Convergence of Flat Multivariate Interpolation by Translation Kernels with Finite Smoothness윤정호; 이연주Article
2006Stationary binary subdivision schemes using radial basis function interpolation윤정호; 이연주Article
2006Stationary subdivision schemes reproducing polynomials윤정호; 이연주Article
2021Structural and functional studies on novel phosphatase Haloacid dehalogenase-like hydrolase domain-containing protein 2 (Hdhd2)이연주Master's Thesis
2019Topological analysis of L-malate/succinate antiporter DcuE이연주Master's Thesis
2003데스크탑 VR 사이트에서의 사용자 만족향상을 위한 설계요소에 관한 연구이연주Master's Thesis
2010새터민 청소년을 위한 한국어 속담교육 방안이연주Master's Thesis
2018소아청소년의 정중구개봉합 성숙도 평가이연주Master's Thesis
2009의학도서관 이용자교육 모형 개발에 관한 연구이연주Master's Thesis
2003잎(葉)의 이미지 표현 연구이연주Master's Thesis
2001전통떡살문양을 응용한 니트웨어 디자인 연구이연주Master's Thesis
2015중학교 사회 교과서의 다문화·상호문화교육 내용에 관한 연구이연주Master's Thesis
2019카바페넴 내성 장내세균 획득에 관한 위험인자이연주Master's Thesis
2011튀니지 벤 알리(Ben Ali) 정권의 정치적 정적주의(Political Quietism) 연구이연주Master's Thesis
1996특수학교와 특수학급 교사의 직무스트레스와 대처방법 비교이연주Master's Thesis