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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015ADT(Advanced Dvorak Technique) 알고리즘을 이용한 태풍정보 생산의 중심위치 오차에 의한 민감도이상미Master's Thesis
2006An investigation of the proportion designs based on a molecularly targeted endpoint이상미Master's Thesis
2013Application of non-targeted approach in flavor science: A review김영석; 이상미Conference Paper
2011Application of targeted and non-targeted approaches to the determination of the key volatile and non-volatile components related to sensory attributesin glutathione-Maillard reaction products이상미Doctoral Thesis
2021Azelaic Acid Promotes Caenorhabditis elegans Longevity at Low Temperature Via an Increase in Fatty Acid Desaturation김영석; 이상미Article
2018Bioformation of Volatile and Nonvolatile Metabolites by Saccharomycopsis fibuligera KJJ81 Cultivated under Different Conditions-Carbon Sources and Cultivation Times김영석; 이상미Article
2018Changes in volatile compounds emitted by fungal pathogen spoilage of apples during decay김영석; 이상미Article
2018Characterization of aroma-active compounds in Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis Schneid) by aroma dilution analyses김영석; 이상미Article
2008Characterization of volatile components according to fermentation periods in Gamdongchotmoo kimchi이종미; 김영석; 조미숙; 이상미Article
2013Characterization of Volatile components in Makgeolli, a traditional Korean rice wine, with or without pasteurization, during storage김영석; 이상미Article
2017Comparative analysis of volatile and non-volatile flavor compounds in rice paste made by α-amylase according to cultivars김영석; 이상미Article
2013Comparative volatile profiles in soy sauce according to inoculated microorganisms김영석; 이상미Article
2016Comparison of the Profile and Composition of Volatiles in Coniferous Needles According to Extraction Methods김영석; 이상미Article
2018Comparison of volatile and non-volatile metabolites in rice wine fermented by Koji inoculated with Saccharomycopsis fibuligera and Aspergillus oryzae김영석; 이상미Article
2019Comparison of Volatile and Nonvolatile Compounds in Rice Fermented by Different Lactic Acid Bacteria김영석; 이상미Article
2014Comparison of volatile release in hydrocolloid model systems containing original and regio selectively carboxylated β-glucans김영석; 이상미Article
2019Determination of Key Volatile Compounds Related to Long-Term Fermentation of Soy Sauce김영석; 이상미Article
2022Determination of methanol and fusel oils in various types of wines distributed in Korea김영석; 이상미Article
2013Determination of odor release in hydrocolloid model systems containing original or carboxylated cellulose at different ph values using static headspace gas chromatographic (SHS-GC) analysis김영석; 이상미Article
2018Determination of Volatiles and Carotenoid Degradation Compounds in Red Pepper Fermented by Lactobacillus parabuchneri김영석; 이상미Article
2020Discrimination of Cultivated Regions of Soybeans (Glycine max) Based on Multivariate Data Analysis of Volatile Metabolite Profiles김영석; 이상미Article
2020Effects of hydroxycinnamic acids on the reduction of furan and alpha-dicarbonyl compounds김영석; 이상미Article
2018Effects of maltodextrins with different dextrose-equivalent values김영석; 이상미Article
2019Effects of pH and Cultivation Time on the Formation of Styrene and Volatile Compounds by Penicillium expansum김영석; 이상미Article
2017Effects of Schiff base formation and aldol condensation on the determination of aldehydes in rice wine using GC-MS김영석; 이상미Article
2012Erratum to: Profiling of fermentative metabolites in Kimchi: Volatile and non-volatile organic acids(J Korean Soc Appl Biol Chem, (2012), 55, (463-469), 10.1007/s13765-012-2014-8)김영석; 박진병; 심순미; 이상미Erratum
2013Impact of maternal food restriction during pregnancy on offspring growth and obesity이상미Doctoral Thesis
2010Impacts of glutathione maillard reaction products on sensory characteristics and consumer acceptability of beef soup김광옥; 김영석; 홍재희; 이상미Article
2013L. v. Beethoven의 Piano Sonata in D Major Op. 10, No. 3에 관한 연구이상미Master's Thesis
2011Metabolomic approach for determination of key volatile compounds related to beef flavor in glutathione-Maillard reaction products김광옥; 김영석; 이상미Article