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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20132-Deoxystreptamine-containing aminoglycoside antibiotics: Recent advances in the characterization and manipulation of their biosynthetic pathways윤여준; 박제원Article
2011A combined approach of classical mutagenesis and rational metabolic engineering improves rapamycin biosynthesis and provides insights into methylmalonyl-CoA precursor supply pathway in Streptomyces hygroscopicus ATCC 29253윤여준Article
2005A fluorescent cavitand for the recognition of GTP윤주영; 윤여준Article
2012A nanohybrid system for taste masking of sildenafil이화정; 윤여준; 최진호Article
2005A new cavitand ionophore bearing two rigid crown ether groups윤주영; 윤여준Article
2004A new imidazolium cavitand for the recognition of dicarboxylates정병문; 윤주영; 윤여준Article
2015A non-immunosuppressive FK506 analogue with neuroregenerative activity produced from a genetically engineered Streptomyces strain윤여준; Pramod B. Shinde; 남상집Article
2019A Review of the Microbial Production of Bioactive Natural Products and Biologics윤여준; 송명종Review
2005A sorbitol-selective fluorescence sensor윤주영; 윤여준; K.M.K.SwamyArticle
2020Absolute Configuration and Antibiotic Activity of Piceamycin윤여준Article
2013Achievements and impacts of glycosylation reactions involved in natural product biosynthesis in prokaryotes윤여준; 송명종Review
2011Aminoglycoside 생합성 유전자의 선택적인 이종 발현을 통한 tobramycin 항생제의 생합성안미선Master's Thesis
2017An overview of rapamycin: from discovery to future perspectives윤여준Review
2007Analysis of intracellular short organic acid-coenzyme a esters from actinomycetes using liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry윤여준Article
2007Analytical profiling of biosynthetic intermediates involved in the gentamicin pathway of Micromonospora echinospora by high-performance liquid chromatography using electrospray ionization mass spectrometric detection윤여준; 박제원Article
2016Ansalactams B-D Illustrate Further Biosynthetic Plasticity within the Ansamycin Pathway윤여준; 남상집Article
2004Application of modified stokes expression to model the behavior of expanded beds with feed streams containing E. coli homogenates윤여준Article
2013Aripiprazole-montmorillonite: A new organic-inorganic nanohybrid material for biomedical applications이화정; 윤여준; 최진호; 박제원Article
2015Background intestinal 18F-FDG uptake is related to serum lipid profile and obesity in breast cancer patients김형래; 김범산; 김예미; 김한나; 윤여준; 윤혜전Article
2013Biocatalytic synthesis of pikromycin, methymycin, neomethymycin, novamethymycin, and ketomethymycin윤여준Article
2007Bioconversion of 12-, 14-, and 16-membered ring aglycones to glycosylated macrolides in an engineered strain of Streptomyces venezuelae윤여준Article
2011Biosynthesis of glycosylated derivatives of tylosin in Streptomyces venezuelae윤여준; 박제원Article
2019Biosynthesis of Nonimmunosuppressive FK506 Analogues with Antifungal Activity윤여준; 송명종; 남상집Article
2010Biosynthesis of plant-specific flavones and flavonols in Streptomyces venezuelae윤여준; 박제원Article
2010Biosynthesis of rapamycin and its regulation: Past achievements and recent progress윤여준Review
2011Biosynthesis of the allylmalonyl-CoA extender unit for the FK506 polyketide synthase proceeds through a dedicated polyketide synthase and facilitates the mutasynthesis of analogues윤여준; 이상기Article
2019Biosynthetic Pathway for Gentamicin B and Discovery of Novel Gentamicin Intermediates신혜령Doctoral Thesis
2017Biosynthetic pathways of aminoglycosides and their engineering윤여준; 남상집; 차선신; 반연희Review
2014Biotransformation of rosamicin antibiotic into 10,11-dihydrorosamicin with enhanced in vitro antibacterial activity against MRSA윤여준Article
2019Bombyxamycins A and B, Cytotoxic Macrocyclic Lactams from an Intestinal Bacterium of the Silkworm Bombyx mori윤여준Article