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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
200510Gbps CMOS Transimpedance Amplifiers for Optical Communications심수정Master's Thesis
2011A 15-Gb/s Limiting Amplifier Using Independent-Gate-Mode Double-Gate MOSFETs and its Application김유진Master's Thesis
2019A Band-Engineered One-Transistor DRAM With Improved Data Retention and Power Efficiency신형순Article
2011A compact model of gate-voltage-dependent quantum effects in short-channel surrounding-gate metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors신형순Article
2008A full adder design using serially connected single-layer magnetic tunnel junction elements신형순; 이승준Article
2017A Guideline for electron mobility enhancement in uniaxially-strained (100)/(100) and (110)/(110) fin field effect transistors신형순Article
2016A new bias scheme for a low power consumption ReRAM crossbar array신형순; 선우경Article
2013A new circuit model for spin-torque oscillator including perpendicular torque of magnetic tunnel junction신형순; 이승준Article
1999A new hole mobility model for hydrodynamic simulation신형순Article
2013A new I-V model for surrounding-gate MOSFET considering gate-voltage-dependent quantum effect신형순Article
2017A new method for determining the Subgap Density of States in n-/p-Type Low-Temperature polycrystalline-silicon thin-film transistors신형순Article
2016A New Method for Determining the Subgap Density of States in N/P-type LTPS TFTs이인재Master's Thesis
2004A new weight redistribution technique for electron-electron scattering in the MC simulation신형순Article
2010A novel macro-model for spin-transfer-torque based magnetic-tunnel-junction elements신형순; 이승준Article
2004A novel sensing circuit for high speed synchronous magneto-resistive RAM신형순; 이승준Conference Paper
2004A sensing circuit for MRAM based on 2MTJ-2T structure신형순; 이승준Article
2017A Study on Electrical Characteristics of Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Silicon Thin-Film Transistors and its Application in Displays김미련Doctoral Thesis
2016A Survey on the Modeling of Magnetic Tunnel Junctions for Circuit Simulation신형순; 이승준Review
2004A unified mobility model for quantum mechanical simulation of MOSFETs신형순Article; Proceedings Paper
2014Advanced circuit-level model for temperature-sensitive read/write operation of a magnetic tunnel junction신형순; 이승준Article
2013Advanced Circuit-Level Model of Magnetic Tunnel Junction-based Spin-Torque Oscillator with Perpendicular Anisotropy Field김미련Master's Thesis
2013Advanced circuit-level model of magnetic tunnel junction-based spin-torque oscillator with perpendicular anisotropy field신형순; 이승준Article
2005Advanced HSPICE macromodel for magnetic tunnel junction신형순; 이승준Conference Paper
2016Advanced Macro-Model of Spin-Transfer Torque-Magnetic Tunnel Junction (STT -MTJ) and Its Application for Spin Transfer Torque-Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT -MRAM)임혜인Doctoral Thesis
2010Advanced macro-model with pulse-width dependent switching characteristic for spin transfer torque based magnetic-tunnel-junction elements신형순; 이승준Article
2010Advanced Macro-Model with Pulse-Width Dependent Switching Characteristic for Spin-Transfer-Torque based Magnetic-Tunnel-Junction Elements김소정Master's Thesis
1999An 0.1-μm asymmetric halo by large-angle-tilt implant (AHLATI) MOSFET for high performance and reliability신형순; 이승준Article
2016An analysis of the read margin and power consumption of crossbar ReRAM arrays신형순Conference Paper
2002An anomalous device degradation of SOI narrow width devices caused by STI edge influence신형순Article
2003An efficient method for frequency-domain simulation of short channel MOSFET including the non-quasistatic effect신형순Conference Paper