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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021School adaptation and its correlates in Lao adolescents이경옥; 강윤희; 김유리Article
2018Self-care model based on the theory of unpleasant symptoms in patients with heart failure강윤희Article
2008Temporal patterns of movements in institutionalized elderly with dementia during 12 consecutive days of observation in Seoul, Korea신경림; 강윤희Article
2008Testing and developing the health promotion model in low-income, Korean elderly women.신경림; 강윤희; 박효정Article
2019The Effects of Oral Cryotherapy on Oral Mucositis, Reactive Oxygen Series, Inflammatory Cytokines, and Oral Comfort in Gynecologic Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy: A Randomized Controlled Trial강윤희Article
2009The prevalence, characteristics and correlates of falls in Korean community-dwelling older adults신경림; 강윤희; 정덕유Article
2008The relationship of perceived health status, activities of daily living and nutrition status in the community-dwelling korean elderly강윤희; 김미영Article
2008The relationship of quality of sleep, depression, late-life function and disability (LLFDI) in community-dwelling older women with urinary incontinence신경림; 강윤희Article
2015The relationships among health locus of control and resilience, social support and health promoting behavior in patients with newly diagnosed coronary artery diseases강윤희Article
2017The relationships among perceived parental bonding, illness perception, and anxiety in adult patients with congenital heart diseases강윤희Article
2011The relationships between uncertainty and its antecedents in Korean patients with atrial fibrillation강윤희Article
2004Uncertainty and its antecedents in patients with atrial fibrillation강윤희Review
2019Variations and factors associated with psychotropic use in cognitively impaired elderly residing in long-term care facilities in East Asia: a cross-sectional study강윤희Article
2016Zero-Inflated Poisson Modeling of Fall Risk Factors in Community-Dwelling Older Adults강윤희; 정덕유; 김미영Article
2018간호사의 혈액매개감염 예방행위 이행 측정도구 개발이경미Doctoral Thesis
2011관상동맥질환자의 건강통제위, 회복력, 사회적 지지와 건강증진행위간의 관계신나연Master's Thesis
2010구강 냉요법이 복강경 수술 대상자의 오심과 구토에 미치는 효과어혜정Master's Thesis
2018구강 냉요법이 항암화학요법을 받는 부인암환자의 구내염, 활성산소, 염증성 사이토카인, 구강 안위감에 미치는 효과신나연Doctoral Thesis
2017국내·외 간호학 학술지의 현황과 연구 및 출판윤리 비교 분석권서진Master's Thesis
2015급성관상동맥증후군 환자의 질환인식 대처와 건강상태 간의 관계남호희Master's Thesis
2016남자 간호사의 이직의도 예측모형김수올Doctoral Thesis
2018내분비요법 중인 폐경 전 유방암 환자의 갱년기 증상, 기능 상태와 디스트레스김지영Master's Thesis
2015노인의 사회적 연결망, 죽음불안, 주관적 건강상태 간의 관계김보은Master's Thesis
2015노인의 연하기능 증진 간호중재 개발 및 효과황선아Doctoral Thesis
2014농촌거주 여성노인의 성공적 노화 모형노준희Doctoral Thesis
2014뇌졸중 환자의 개별화된 간호, 간호 만족도와 우울간의 관계이보람Master's Thesis
2016뇌졸중 환자의 건강통제위, 우울, 자살생각 간의 관계정나미Master's Thesis
2010류마티스 관절염 간호대상자의 건강행위, 자기 효능감, 가족지지 및 우울간의 관계고영지Master's Thesis
2013마취가스 가온가습요법이 노인 복강경 수술시 체온, 산 염기 균형, 혈중 코티졸, 림프구에 미치는 영향박효선Doctoral Thesis
2020만성 폐쇄성 폐질환 환자의 기능적 수행에 관한 구조모형전혜숙Doctoral Thesis