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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2020Two-stage clustering analysis to detect pattern change of biomarker expression between experimental conditions권오란; 김유진Article
2019A big picture view of precision nutrition: From reductionism to holism권오란Review
2019Long-term feeding of soy protein attenuates choline deficient-induced adverse effects in wild type mice and prohibitin 1 deficient mice response more sensitively고광석Article
2019Associations of fiber intake and acid-base load in diet with risk of sarcopenia in Korean postmenopausal women: Based on the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2008~2011)박윤정Article
2019Association between green tea consumption and risk of stroke in middle-aged and older Korean men: The health Examinees (HEXA) study김유리Article
2019Validation of initial nutrition screening tool for hospitalized patients권오란; 김혜숙Article
2019Consumer perception and attitudes towards sugar reduced beverages according to the food-related lifestyle: Focusing on the physical and environmental factors of sugar reduced beverage조미숙; 오지은Article
2019Stress is associated with nutritional intake and metabolic syndrome in urban middle-aged women김양하; 신윤진Article
2020A study on the Consumer's preference and purchasing behavior of high-protein bars with soy protein isolate [분리대두단백을 첨가한 고단백 바에 대한 소비자 기호도와 구매의도 연구]조미숙; 오지은Article
2020A study on the improvement of tangible and intangible foodservice facilities in complex cultural spaces [복합문화공간 내 식음시설의 유무형 외식상품 개선을 위한 중요도-수행도 분석]조미숙; 오지은Article
2020Development and optimization of a pear pound cake with resistant starch and digestion resistant maltodextrin조미숙Article
2020The Inflammatory Response to Alcohol Consumption and Its Role in the Pathology of Alcohol Hangover권오란Article
2020The fruit of Acanthopanax senticosus Harms improves arterial stiffness and blood pressure: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial권오란; 김유진; 임예니Article
2019Walnut phenolic extracts reduce telomere length and telomerase activity in a colon cancer stem cell model김유리Article
2019Pubertal timing and breast density in young women: a prospective cohort study정승연Article
2019The role of consumer ethnocentrism, country image, and subjective knowledge in predicting intention to purchase imported functional foods서선희Article
2020beta-Carotene exerts anti-colon cancer effects by regulating M2 macrophages and activated fibroblasts김유리Article
2020L-histidine and L-carnosine exert anti-brain aging effects in D-galactose-induced aged neuronal cells김유리Article
2020Metabolic tracking of isoflavones in soybean products and biosamples from healthy adults after fermented soybean consumption권오란Article
2020Association of carotenoids concentration in blood with physical performance in korean adolescents: The 2018 national fitness award project권오란; 김혜숙Article