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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Synthesis and SAR study of new hydroxy and chloro-substituted 2,4-diphenyl 5H-chromeno[4,3-b]pyridines as selective topoisomerase IIα-targeting anticancer agents권영주Article
2008Synthesis and structure-activity relationship studies of tyrosine-based antagonists at the human P2X7 receptor정낙신Article
2006Synthesis and structure-activity relationships of novel indirubin derivatives as potent anti-proliferative agents with CDK2 inhibitory activities이상국Article
2007Synthesis and structure-activity studies of antofine analogues as potential anticancer agents이상국Article
2010Synthesis and T-type calcium channel blocking activity of novel diphenylpiperazine compounds, and evaluation of in vivo analgesic activity박혜영Article
2016Synthesis and topoisomerases inhibitory activity of heteroaromatic chalcones권영주Article
2000Synthesis of (-)-Neplanocin A Analogues as Potential Antiviral Agents정낙신Article
2003Synthesis of (Z)-(1-fluoro-2-hydroxymethyl-cyclopropylmethyl)purines정낙신Conference Paper
2019Synthesis of 1,2,3-Triazolium Ionic Liquid-Supported Chiral Imidazolidinones and Their Application in Asymmetric Alkylation Reaction류재상; 박윤정Article
2010Synthesis of 1,3-Dialkyl-1,2,3-triazolium ionic liquids and their applications to the baylis-hillman reaction류재상Article
2008Synthesis of 1-/2-substituted-[1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-g]phthalazine-4,9-diones and evaluation of their cytotoxicity and topoisomerase II inhibition박혜영; 이상국Article
2005Synthesis of 1-/2-substituted-[1,2,3]triazolo[4,5-G]phthalazine-4,9-diones and evaluation of their cytotoxicity.박혜영Meeting Abstract
2002Synthesis of 2 ',3 '-didehydro-2 ',3 '-dideoxy-2 '-fluoro apionucleosides as potential antiviral agents정낙신Article
2011Synthesis of 2,4-diaryl chromenopyridines and evaluation of their topoisomerase i and II inhibitory activity, cytotoxicity, and structure-activity relationship권영주Article
2003Synthesis of 2-(3′-Azido- and 3′-Amino-3′-deoxy-β -D-ribofuranosyl)thiazole-4-carboxamide정낙신Article
2010Synthesis of 2-(thienyl-2-yl or -3-yl)-4-furyl-6-aryl pyridine derivatives and evaluation of their topoisomerase I and II inhibitory activity, cytotoxicity, and structure-activity relationship권영주Article
2008Synthesis of 2-alkynyl substituted 4′-thioadenosine derivatives and their binding affinities at the adenosine receptors정낙신; 최원준Article
2006Synthesis of 2-C-hydroxymethylribofuranosylpurines as potent anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) agents이강만; 정낙신Article
2008Synthesis of 2-chloro-N6-substituted-4'-thioadenosine-5'-N, N-dialkyluronamides as potent and selective A3 adenosine receptor antagonists.정낙신; 최원준Article
2008Synthesis of 3'-C-hydroxymethyl-substituted pyrimidine and purine nucleosides as potential anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) agents정낙신; 최원준Article