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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016Coexistent Heterogeneous Random Access Architecture for the Optimization of IoT System Platform김지은Master's Thesis
2017임의 숲 형태의 딥 러닝 구조와 영상분류강민주Master's Thesis
2017Message Passing 구조에 기반한 HetNet환경에서의 User Association 최적화에 관한 연구LIANG, XUEMaster's Thesis
2017초분광 영상에서의 조명 성분 추정이지원Master's Thesis
2017Simultaneous electrical and optical neural recording for zinc transmission정혜선Master's Thesis
2017Feasibility study on LIDAR sensor using MEMS scanning micromirror김경은Master's Thesis
2016High-Speed Analog Circuits for Wireline Communication Systems이경민Master's Thesis
2016A New Method for Determining the Subgap Density of States in N/P-type LTPS TFTs이인재Master's Thesis
2016Efficient Approaches for Nash Bargaining Solution based on Direction Vector in Dynamic Networks최지수Master's Thesis
2016An Energy Efficient Design for Next-Generation Cellular System with Massive MIMO and Small Cell Network순영Master's Thesis
2016Estimation of depth information from 4D light field data using separable objective function with color information and multi-resolution approach한미선Master's Thesis
2016Convolutional Neural Network을 이용한 영상의 잡음 제거 분석유소희Master's Thesis
2016NDN에서의 패킷 전송을 위한 해쉬브리프를 사용한 인코딩된 비트맵서지희Master's Thesis
2016영상을 사용한 피부 상처 크기 측정이하늘Master's Thesis
2016기계학습기반 사용자 맞춤형 서비스 제공 통합 프레임워크김승혜Master's Thesis
2015Dermoscopy를 사용한 말단흑색점흑색종과 모반의 자동 분류를 위한 알고리즘함성원Master's Thesis
2015Gigabit CMOS Transimpedance Amplifiers and Equalizers for Image ProcessingXIAO YINGMaster's Thesis
2015Competitive and Cooperative Power Allocation for Multi-Cell Joint Processing전언지Master's Thesis
2015Multi-Channel CMOS Transimpedance Amplifier Arrays최한별Master's Thesis
2015Low Frequency Vibration Energy Harvester Using Spherical Permanent Magnet with Controlled Mass Distribution최윤희Master's Thesis