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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015인터넷 라우터에서의 패킷 분류를 위한 2차원 이진 검색 트리이고은Master's Thesis
2015System Implementation of Time Domain Breast Cancer Detection System Prototype유희선Master's Thesis
2015블룸 필터 선-검색을 이용한 이름 프리픽스 일치 알고리즘심미란Master's Thesis
2015차량 간 통신으로 자동차의 자율주행이 가능한 교차로 제어 알고리듬 및 성능 분석나명진Master's Thesis
2015Electrical Stimulation on Anterior Cingulate Cortex Modulates Pain-related Neural Activities강태경Master's Thesis
2015Depth based interpolation of light field data for reducing directional aliasing effects in refocused image양서희Master's Thesis
2016Optogenetic Stimulation Promotes Axon Outgrowth of Motor Neuron in vitro장자윤Master's Thesis
2012Incentive Schemes to Enhance Data Transmission Efficiency in Real time Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks배서연Master's Thesis
2012Optical and RF Receiver Circuits in Sub-micron CMOS Technologies탁지영Master's Thesis
2011An Adaptive Group-wise Subset Reuse-based Device-to-device Resource Allocation in IMT-Advanced Mobile Networks김지은Master's Thesis
2011A 15-Gb/s Limiting Amplifier Using Independent-Gate-Mode Double-Gate MOSFETs and its Application김유진Master's Thesis
2011Wavelet 변환 잡음제거 방법의 hard threshold value 결정 방법이가민Master's Thesis
2011가우시안 확률 분포 함수로 모델링된 잡음과 신호의 Bilateral 필터 성능 분석한지희Master's Thesis
2011Penalized weighted least squares and interpolation based local contrast enhancement method신남주Master's Thesis
2011Depth variant generalized expectation maximization algorithm for 3-D fluorescence microscopy김보영Master's Thesis
2011Deep Packet Inspection을 위한 해싱을 이용한 스트링 매칭 엔진계지연Master's Thesis
2010영역 분할을 적용한 패킷 분류 구조의 특성에 관한 연구진금단Master's Thesis
2010CMOS Optical Circuit Designs for High-Speed Digital Interface윤지숙Master's Thesis
2010Parametric blind deconvolution of bi-level images with unknown intensity levels김다은Master's Thesis
2010Independent-Gate-Mode Double-Gate MOSFET를 이용한 RF Receiver 설계정나래Master's Thesis