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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20153-D fibrin supported organ culture and isolation of endogenous hepatic stem cells having MSCs-like propertyPramila KatilaMaster's Thesis
20156,7-Dichloro-5,8-quinolindione과 methyl 5,6-dichloro-4,7-dioxo-4,7-dihydrobenzo[b]thiophene-2-carboxylate 유도체의 합성 및 항진균 작용 연구최수정Master's Thesis
20156,7-Dihydroisoquinoline-5,8-dione 및 6,7-dihydroquinazoline-5,8-dione 유도체의 합성 및 항진균 작용 연구오선영Master's Thesis
2015A Facile and Efficient Synthesis of Seleno-acyclic Nucleosides as Potential Antiviral AgentsTamima UmmeMaster's Thesis
2018A mechanism underlying inhibitory effects of a novel peptoid, PAL-12, on UVB-induced photoaging in human dermal fibroblasts송다은Master's Thesis
2017Altered Cross Linking of HSP27 Sensitizes Breast Cancer Cells to Doxorubicin or HSP90 inhibitor, 17-AAG이나림Master's Thesis
2017Altered Cross-linking of HSP27 by Small Molecules최별Master's Thesis
2014Baculovirus-based Vaccine Displaying Hemagglutinin of 2009 Pandemic Influenza Virus Elicits Broad Protective Immunity in Mice심상희Master's Thesis
2017BMI-1 interacts with sMEK1 and inactivates sMEK1-induced apoptotic cell death김보람Master's Thesis
2014BPM-5d; Synthesized Novel Dual Inhibitor Targeting Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 and Topoisomerase IIα with Potent Anticancer Activity in Trastuzumab-Resistant Colon Cancer Cells우현정Master's Thesis
2015C24:1 ceramide release, a marker lipid for eye irritation of surfactants in 3D human corneal epithelial model, MCTT HCE™이미리Master's Thesis
2014Ca2+-mediated Translocation of m-Calpain Induces Ku80 Cleavage and Enhances Ku80-related DNA Repair Pathway백경혜Master's Thesis
2019Comprehensive mechanistic studies of a tetraspanin arginine sensor, polypharmacological profiling of montelukast, and in silico design of elongation factor 1-alpha inhibitorsMACALINO, STEPHANI JOY YARCIADoctoral Thesis
2016Coniferyl aldehyde derivatives for HSF1 activation최슬기Master's Thesis
2014Constituents from the Dried Leaves of Verbascum blattaria윤이수Master's Thesis
2013Controlled dual drug release from stents coated with bilayered PLGA nanoparticles for treatment of coronary artery disease도재경Master's Thesis
2017Controlled release of VEGF from PLGA nanoparticle loaded PVA nanofibrous membrane for enhanced vascularization in the cardiac tissue김미리Master's Thesis
2019Cross-linked abnormal HSP27 dimer induced by small molecules sensitizes NSCLC cells to gefitinib or cisplatin박유나Master's Thesis
2018Crystal structure of D-glycero-α-D-manno-heptose-1-phosphate guanylyltransferase from Yersinia pseudotuberculosis김효진Master's Thesis
2016Design and Evaluation of Novel Theranostic Polyphosphazene-Drug Conjugates박정현Doctoral Thesis