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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Numerical study on the Lagrangian-DNN relaxation of quadratic optimization problem with sparsity exploitation박지혜Master's Thesis
2014On Skew Complex Symmetric Operators고은정Master's Thesis
2014SO(3)-orbits on CP²and Cartan function정선아Master's Thesis
2013A Multidimensional Continued Fraction Using the Algebraic Jacobi-Perron Algorithm이은혜Master's Thesis
2013A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Applied to Image Reconstruction Problem김혜지Master's Thesis
2013Classification of Self-Dual Codes over Z_16 and Z_8김현희Master's Thesis
2013Construction of a Non-linear Quasi-interpolation Based on the Cubic B-splines양효선Master's Thesis
2013A Reduction of Discrete Logarithm Problem to Pairing Inversion Problem김은경Master's Thesis
2013Some Families of Parametric Quadratic Diophantine Equations over Z전예슬Master's Thesis
2013Solving Quadratic Optimization Problems Formulated in Completely Positive Cone Programming김현정Master's Thesis
2013On Fuglede-Putnam Properties조선진Master's Thesis
2013Polynomial Representations for Cube Roots in Finite Fields김빛나라Master's Thesis
2013Numerical Study on Further Relaxations of the Moment Cone Relaxation for Polynomial Optimization Problems이미희Master's Thesis
2013Bordered Double Circulant Extended Quadratic Residue Codes over Finite Fields장윤경Master's Thesis
2013Numerical Study on Mixed SOCP-SDP Relaxations for Quadratic Optimization Problems마상인Master's Thesis
2013Complex Line Bundles on Riemann Surfaces권미화Master's Thesis
2012Efficient Implementation of the McEliece Public Key Cryptosystem최미진Master's Thesis
2012Mathematical Background on Option Pricing and Numerical Evaluation of Volatility Using KOSPI 200이승원Master's Thesis
2012Determining generators of cyclic codes over Z_8 of length 2^e박정임Master's Thesis
2012On (A,2)-isometric operators서승연Master's Thesis