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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015A 67-year-old man with epistaxis, melena, gross haematuria and haemarthrosis최윤희Article
2012A case of electrocardiographic change caused by subarachnoid haemorrhage mimicking acute myocardial infarction전영진; 편욱범; 최윤희Article
2012A case of rectus sheath hematoma due to Foley catheterization after acute urinary retention최윤희Article
2015A questionnaire survey exploring healthcare professionals' attitudes towards teamwork and safety in acute care areas in South Korea최윤희Article
2015A validation study on the translated Korea version of emotional labor scale (ELS) in hospitality organizations최윤희Article
2013Activation of estrogen receptor β reduces blood-brain barrier breakdown following ischemic injury박은미; 최윤희Article
2011Altered ganglioside expression modulates the pathogenic mechanism of thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy by increase in hyaluronic acid최윤희Article
2012Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Benzylideneacetophenone Derivative on Thyroid-Associated Ophthalmopathy through Suppression IP-10/CXCL10 Production이성희Master's Thesis
2010Antifibrotic effect of pirfenidone on orbital fibroblasts of patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy by decreasing TIMP-1 and collagen levels최윤희Article
2016Aortic graft in hollow viscus이선화; 최윤희Article
2014Apocynin regulates cytokine production of CD8+ T cells최윤희Article
2012Astrocytes, but not microglia, rapidly sense H 2O 2 via STAT6 phosphorylation, resulting in cyclooxygenase-2 expression and prostaglandin release최윤희Article
2014Benzylideneacetophenone derivatives attenuate IFN-γ-induced IP-10/CXCL10 production in orbital fibroblasts of patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy through STAT-1 inhibition오세관; 최윤희; 최지하Article
2016Black cohosh inhibits 17 beta-estradiol-induced cell proliferation of endometrial adenocarcinoma cells정혜원; 정경아; 최윤희; 이사라Article
2014Body mass index as a prognostic factor in organophosphate-poisoned patients정구영; 전영진; 최윤희Article
2011Caveolin-1 is involved in reactive oxygen species-induced SHP-2 activation in astrocytes이지희; 최윤희Article
2011Conserved aquaporin 4 levels associated with reduction of brain edema are mediated by estrogen in the ischemic brain after experimental stroke박은미; 최윤희; 최지하Article
2015Csk-Induced Phosphorylation of Src at Tyrosine 530 is Essential for H2O2-Mediated Suppression of ERK1/2 in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells이지희; 권기환; 최윤희Article
2013Current practices for paediatric procedural sedation and analgesia in emergency departments: Results of a nationwide survey in Korea최윤희Article
2016Delayed aspiration pneumonia and systemic toxicity in patient who inhaled dry powder of fire extinguisher최윤희; 이덕희Article
2012Delayed postpartum hemorrhage resulting from uterine artery pseudoaneurysm rupture최윤희Article
2017Effect of glucose level on chemical hypoxia- and hydrogen peroxide-induced chemokine expression in human glioblastoma cell lines최윤희Article
2012Exogenous Hydrogen Peroxide Induces Lipid Raft-Mediated STAT-6 Activation in T Cells이지희; 최윤희Meeting Abstract
2011Expression Profile Analysis of Hypoxia Responses in Arabidopsis Roots and Shoots이동희; 최윤희Article
1997GTP-binding protein의 활성 변화가 옥수수 뿌리의 길이 성장과 굴중성 반응에 미치는 영향최윤희Doctoral Thesis
2012Hepatitis C virus infection enhances TNFα-induced cell death via suppression of NF-κB최윤희Article
2014Hyaluronic acid induces COX-2 Expression via CD44 in orbital fibroblasts from patients with thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy최윤희; 박영미Article
2012Identification and analysis of cold stress-inducible genes in Korean rapeseed varieties이준승; 이동희; 최윤희Article
2017Informed Consent for Intravenous Contrast Administration in the Emergency Department: Understanding and satisfaction among patients using the video-assisted vs. traditional methods최윤희; 이덕희Article
2014Interaction of apoptotic cells with macrophages upregulates cox-2/PGE 2 and HGF expression via a positive feedback loop이지희; 우소연; 최윤희; 변지연Article