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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2003Serum cytokine profiles in patients with Plasmodium vivax malaria: A comparison between those who presented with and without thrombocytopenia서주영; 하은희; 유권; 우소연Article
2009Serum high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and breast cancer risk by menopausal status, body mass index, and hormonal receptor in Korea하은희Article
2016Serum levels of persistent organic pollutants and insulin secretion among children age 7–9 years: A prospective cohort study하은희; 박혜숙; 홍영선Article
2017Stability of cognitive development during the first five years of life in relation to heavy metal concentrations in umbilical cord blood: Mothers' and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH) birth cohort study하은희; 박혜숙Article
2009The association between fetal and postnatal growth status and serum levels of uric acid in children at 3 years of age하은희; 강덕희; 박은애; 김영주; 박혜숙; 이화영; 조수진; 박보현Article
2019The Association Between Mercury Exposure and Atopic Dermatitis in Early Childhood A Mothers and Children's Environmental Health Study하은희; 박혜숙Article
2009The association of central obesity with type 2 diabetes among Koreans according to the serum gamma-glutamyltransferase level: Korean genome and epidemiology study하은희Article
2008The association of maternal food intake and blood lead levels in pregnant and their newborns하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 김기남; 김혜숙Article
2002The effect of air pollution on low birth weight by gestational period in Seoul하은희; 김영주Meeting Abstract
2007The effect of air pollution on-respiratory disease related absenteeism in elementary school students하은희Meeting Abstract
2011The Effect of Ambient Temperature on Preterm Delivery하은희Meeting Abstract
2011The effect of eating behavior on being overweight or obese during preadolescence하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 홍영선Article
2016The Effect of Exposure to Persistent Organic Pollutants on Metabolic Health among KOREAN Children during a 1-Year Follow-Up하은희; 박혜숙; 홍영선; 이혜아Article
2009The Effect of Maternal Residential Factors of Indoor PM Exposure on Pregnancy Outcome: MOthers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH)하은희; 장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙; 이보은; 김병미Meeting Abstract
2006The effect of PM10 on respiratory-related admission in Korean six cities하은희Meeting Abstract
2017The effect of prenatal TVOC exposure on birth and infantile weight: The Mothers and Children's Environmental Health study하은희; 김영주; 박혜숙Article
2007The effect of umbilical cord blood mercury on pregnancy outcomes하은희Meeting Abstract
2011The Effect of VOCs Exposure During Pregnancy on Newborn's Birth Weight in Mothers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH) Study하은희; 김영주; 박혜숙; 이보은; 김병미Meeting Abstract
2002The effects of air pollution on school absenteeism due to illness하은희Meeting Abstract
2019The effects of blood pressure components on cardiovascular events in a Korean hypertensive population according to age and sex A nationwide population-based cohort study하은희; 류동열; 오형중Article
2017The Effects of Prenatal and Postnatal Traffic-Related Air Pollution (TRAP) on Atopic Dermatitis이주은Master's Thesis
2009The effects of wearing protective devices among residents and volunteers participating in the cleanup of the Hebei Spirit oil spill하은희Article
2011The international collaboration on air pollution and pregnancy outcomes: Initial results하은희Article
2002The lag structure of ambent air pollution on daily mortality in Soeul, Korea.하은희Meeting Abstract
2011The molar ratio of phytate:zinc is negatively associated with birth weight: MOCEH study하은희; 장남수; 박혜숙; 황지윤Meeting Abstract
2009The Mothers and Children's Environmental Health (MOCEH) study하은희; 장남수; 김영주; 박혜숙; 김병미Article
2011The Mothers and Children's Environmental Health Study (A Multicenter Longitudinal Study in Korea)하은희; 김영주; 박혜숙; 이보은; 김병미Meeting Abstract
2015The preventive effect of breast-feeding for longer than 6 months on early pubertal development among children aged 7-9 years in Korea하은희; 박은애; 김영주; 김혜순; 박혜숙; 홍영선; 이화영; 곽혜선; 조수진; 이혜아Article
2019The Protective Effect of Exclusive Breastfeeding on Overweight/Obesity in Children with High Birth Weight하은희; 김영주; 김혜순; 이명지; 이정원Article