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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Determinants of symptoms in gastroesophageal reflux disease: Nonerosive reflux disease, symptomatic, and silent erosive reflux disease정성애; 정혜경; 심기남Article
2016Development, validation and clinical application of a novel tool to measure disease-related knowledge in patients with inflammatory bowel disease: IBD-KNOW정성애Meeting Abstract
2019Development, validation, and application of a novel tool to measure disease-related knowledge in patients with inflammatory bowel disease정성애Article
2011Development, validation, and responsiveness of a novel disease activity index for intestinal Behcet's disease정성애Article
2011Diagnostic utility of anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibody (ASCA) and Interferon-? assay in the differential diagnosis of Crohn's disease and intestinal tuberculosis정성애Article
2006Diagnostic yield of advanced colorectal neoplasia at colonoscopy, according to indications: An investigation from the Korean Association for the Study of Intestinal Diseases (KASID)정성애Article
2012Differential diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease: What is the role of colonoscopy?정성애Review
2002Differential expression of transforming growth factor-beta receptors in the liver of rats with acinar zonal hepatic fibrosis.정성애Meeting Abstract
2019Diffuse splenic FDG uptake is predictive of clinical outcomes in patients with rectal cancer정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 김성은; 김범산; 문창모; 윤혜전; 임지영; 태정현Article
2010Effect of probiotic lactobacillus (Lacidofil® Cap) for the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea: A prospective, randomized, double-blind, multicenter study정성애; 박혜숙; 김성은Article
2007Effects of pelvic floor muscle contraction on anal canal pressure정성애Article
2016Efficacy and safety of infliximab therapy and predictors of response in korean patients with crohn’s disease: A nationwide, multicenter study정성애Article
2008Efficacy of levofloxacin-based triple therapy as second-line Helicobacter pylori eradication유권; 정성애; 심기남Article
2009Electron Microscopic Study of Patients with Ulcerative Colitis by Colonosocopic Biopsy문일환; 유권; 정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 김성은; 송동은Meeting Abstract
2017Emergence of rifampin-resistant staphylococci after rifaximin administration in cirrhotic patients정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 우소연; 김태헌; 김성은; 문창모Article
2007Emerging need for vaccination against hepatitis A virus in patients with chronic liver disease in Korea문일환; 유권; 정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 김태헌; 정규원; 김성은Article
2010Endoscopy-based Decision is More Practical than Pathology-based Decision for Endoscopic Resection Margin of Rectal Carcinoids정성애Meeting Abstract
2017Evaluation of the therapeutic potential of metformin-pretreated tonsil-derived mesenchymal stem cells in a chronic colitis model유권; 정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 김성은; 문창모Meeting Abstract
2000Experimental model of hepatic fibrosis following repeated periportal necrosis induced by allylalcohol문일환; 정성애Article
2018Expression of Cluster of differentiation 44 (CD44) according to Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Gastric Cancer류민선Doctoral Thesis
2017Factors associated with pregnancy-related knowledge in women of reproductive age with inflammatory bowel disease정성애; 김성은; 문창모Article
2016Factors contributing to the preference of Korean patients with Crohn's disease when selecting an anti-tumor necrosis factor agent (Choice study)정성애Article
2019Gender Specific Differences in Prevalence and Risk Factors for Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease정성애; 정혜경; 심기남; 김성은; 문창모; 태정현Article
2014Genome-wide association study of Crohn's disease in Koreans revealed three new susceptibility loci and common attributes of genetic susceptibility across ethnic populations정성애Article
2013Genome-wide association study of ulcerative colitis in koreans suggests extensive overlapping of genetic susceptibility with caucasians정성애Article
2013Hemorrhagic cystitis with massive bleeding from nontyphoidal Salmonella infection: A case report정성애; 정혜경; 심기남Article
2016High definition chromoendoscopy with water-jet versus high definition white light endoscopy in the detection of dysplasia in long standing ulcerative colitis: A multicenter prospective randomized controlled study정성애Meeting Abstract
2019High-Definition Chromoendoscopy Versus High-Definition White Light Colonoscopy for Neoplasia Surveillance in Ulcerative Colitis: A Randomized Controlled Trial정성애Article
2017High-Definition White-Light Endoscopy Versus High-Definition Chromoendoscopy in Detection of Dysplasia in Long-Standing Ulcerative Colitis: A Multicenter Prospective Randomized Controlled Study정성애Meeting Abstract
2017Higher body mass index is associated with an increased risk of multiplicity in surveillance colonoscopy within 5 years정성애; 문창모Article