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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2004Intensity-Based Image Registration Using Robust Correlation Coefficients김정태Article
2019Joint Banknote Recognition and Counterfeit Detection Using Explainable Artificial Intelligence김정태Article
2007Joint nonuniform illumination estimation and deblurring for bar code signals김정태Article
2019Knowledge Distillation based Model Compression for Fast Recognition of Banknote Serial Number채솜이Master's Thesis
2014Multi-resolution based fast restoration of 3D microscopy blurred by depth-variant point spread function안수현Master's Thesis
2018Multi-Resolution Bayesian Optimization Method with Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Kernel Parameters최은정Master's Thesis
2013On the Cramer-Rao bound for estimating parameters of exponentially decaying function under poisson noise김정태Article
2010Parametric blind deconvolution of bi-level images with unknown intensity levels김다은Master's Thesis
2013Penalized maximum likelihood estimation of lifetime and amplitude images from multi-exponentially decaying fluorescence signals이민영; 김정태Article
2011Penalized weighted least squares and interpolation based local contrast enhancement method신남주Master's Thesis
2019Regularized Auto-Encoder-Based Separation of Defects from Backgrounds for Inspecting Display Devices김정태Article
2008Restoration of Bi-level images via iterative semi-blind Wiener filtering김정태Article
2009Retrospective correction of nonuniform illumination on bi-level images김정태Article
2008Robust decoding of barcode signals acquired under nonuniform illumination김정태Article
2015Robust Depth Estimation Using Epipolar Plane Images obtained by Multi-Camera Array윤소희Master's Thesis
2007Robust restoration of barcode signals김정태Article
2012Statistical methods for blind restoration of images acquired under nonuniform illumination and blurred by spatially variant point spread function이한아Doctoral Thesis
2013Statistical properties of amplitude and decay parameter estimators for fluorescence lifetime imaging김정태Article
2007그래디언트 정보를 이용한 연결성 가중치 허프 변환신지영Master's Thesis
2017깊이 정보의 속성 및 가시광 영상을 이용한 강인한 깊이 영상 추정 기법이은선Master's Thesis