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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Identifying determinants in the first turnover of new graduate employees in Korea: applying a discrete-time survival analysis이재영Article
2023Examining the Effects of the Utility Value Intervention on Learners’ Emotions and Conceptual Understanding in Online Video-based Learning소효정Article
2024Task type matters: The impact of virtual reality training on training performance조일현Article
2023When Humble Leaders Enhance Employee Job Crafting: The Role of Gender and Trust in Leaders이재영Article
2022Developing a Gesture-based AR Exhibit: Differently-Guided Experiences for Complex Conceptual Learning in Science소효정Article
2022Parental involvement in digital home-based learning during COVID-19: an exploratory study with Korean parents소효정Article
2022Promoting English Learning in Secondary Schools: Design-Based Research to Develop a Mobile Application for Collaborative Learning임규연Article
2020Verification of Cognitive Load Theory with Psychophysiological Measures in Complex Problem-Solving조일현Article
2021Unpacking teachers’ concerns about CT-based pedagogy: The case of software education in Korea소효정Article
2021Enhancing efl teachers’ technological pedagogical content knowledge (Tpack) competence through reflective practice소효정Article
2021Flipped learning design fidelity, self-regulated learning, satisfaction, and continuance intention in a university flipped learning course주영주; 소효정Article
1997Generality of academic self-efficacy judgments: Evidence of hierarchical relations봉미미Article
1998Tests of the Internal/External Frames of Reference Model with Subject-Specific Academic Self-Efficacy and Frame-Specific Academic Self-Concepts봉미미Article
1999Comparison between self-concept and self-efficacy in academic motivation research봉미미Article
1999Personal factors affecting the generality of academic self-efficacy judgments: Gender, ethnicity, and relative expertise봉미미Article
2021Video learning analytics: Investigating behavioral patterns and learner clusters in video-based online learning조일현Article
2020Trends of Educational Technology in Korea and the U.S.: A Report on the AECT-Korean Society for Educational Technology (KSET) Panel Discussion허열Article
2020Systematic review of CSCL research 2012-2018: Comparing south Korean and international research임규연Review
2020360 degrees virtual reality project to inspire future educators to be creators허열Article
2021A holistic empathic design through cognitive load theory: response to Tracey and Hutchinson허열Article