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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2024Dual SDP Relaxations for Nonconvex Quadratic Programming with Ball Constraints이유림Master's Thesis
2024An Adapted Interpolation Method for Generating C2 Surfaces around Extraordinary Vertices of Quadrilateral Meshes김경미Master's Thesis
2023Solving Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Problems with Nearly Bipartite Structure조은주Master's Thesis
2023Characterization of LCD codes constructed from Toeplitz matrices and polynomials최우정Master's Thesis
2023A family of stationary subdivision schemes with the fourth-order accuracy, C2 smoothness and shape preserving properties김진영Master's Thesis
2023Adaptively Leakage-Resilient Secret Sharing Scheme with Seedless Non-malleable Extractor이유진Master's Thesis
2023Matrix Completion Problems Solved Exactly by the Lasserre Relaxation Level 2홍서영Master's Thesis
2022Functional Encryption김영서Master's Thesis
2022Multi-channel Color Image Denoising via Low Rank Minimization어서연Master's Thesis
2022Solving Quadratic Assignment Problems based on Hamming Graphs with Reduction Techniques김민준Master's Thesis
2022SDP relaxations for fuzzy c-means clustering problems유지영Master's Thesis
2022Classification of self-dual cyclic codes over F_{p^m}[u,v]/ associated with principal ideals박신유Master's Thesis
2022An ordering problem of SL_3-webs in a once-punctured torus, and the SL_3 quantum trace map오도은Master's Thesis
2021Representations and mutation intertwiners of the Chekhov–Fock algebras조소영Master's Thesis
2021Computational Models for Document Classification of Literatures in Mathematical Reviews Database장희정Master's Thesis
2021Exact DNN relaxations of some class of quadratic optimization problems강소이Master's Thesis
2021A Candidate for Blind Signature in Hash-and-Sign Paradigm이정현Master's Thesis
2021Blind Image Deblurring via Low Rank Minimization and Outlier Dependent Function정원경Master's Thesis
2020Solving a more general matrix completion problem with Tikhonov regularization and APGL method강주연Master's Thesis