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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2023Raman Explorations into the Antiferromagnetic SystemsQIU, JINDoctoral Thesis
2023Quantum sensing of individual atoms by a home-built scanning tunneling microscope with electron spin resonance capability황지윤Doctoral Thesis
2023Tailoring spin-dependent transport in graphene-based hybrid devicesDO, THI NGADoctoral Thesis
2023Angularly Quantized Spin Rotational Excitations Studied by Raman Spectroscopy김승Doctoral Thesis
2022The Utilization of Artificial Intelligence to Classify Mass Sensor Data, Hazardous Compounds, and Graphene Layer used in The Laboratory서미리Doctoral Thesis
2022Linear and second-order nonlinear optical properties of organic epsilon-near-zero films김민재Doctoral Thesis
2022Charge and Energy Transfer at Heterointerfaces of Inorganic and Organic Nanomaterials권소영Doctoral Thesis
2022Growth and characterization of halide perovskite single crystals for photodetector applications정혜리Doctoral Thesis
2022Excited-state nature versus epsilon-near-zero property and spontaneous emission near epsilon-near-zero film최규리Doctoral Thesis
2021Measurements of Double Beta Decay of 100Mo to the Excited States of 100Ru Using HPGe Detectors박수연Doctoral Thesis
2021Study of chemical enhancement mechanisms in non-metal-based surface enhanced Raman scattering김자영Doctoral Thesis
2020Optoelectronic properties of chalcogenbased compound semiconductors for solar energy applications김주란Doctoral Thesis
2019Fabrication and Optoelectronic Properties of Halide Perovskite Solar CellsNGUYEN, BICH PHUONGDoctoral Thesis
2019Surface Photovoltage Characterizations of Hybrid Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Applications김은아Doctoral Thesis
2019Rare Decay Experiments for 180mTa and 208Pb* Using HPGe Detectors김고운Doctoral Thesis
2019Hybridization Effects of Normal Insulators on Quantum Spin Hall Insulators in Kane-Mele Model신지선Doctoral Thesis
2019Fabrication, Electrical, and Optical Properties of Heterostructures of 2D van der Waals Materials and Domain-Controlled Ferroelectric Thin Films진혜진Doctoral Thesis
2019Interface effects on spin Hall magnetoresistance in magnetic hybrid structuresPHAM, THI KIM HANGDoctoral Thesis
2018Raman scattering study of thin film solar cellsNguyen Thi Thu TrangDoctoral Thesis
2018Study of the 19Ne structure with a radioactive 15O beam김다히Doctoral Thesis