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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2011A 1μm diameter tip fiber-based surface plasmon resonance system for single unit optical neural recording전상범Conference Paper
2016A distributed current stimulator ASIC for high density neural stimulation전상범Conference Paper
2012A flexible depth probe using liquid crystal polymer전상범Article
2014A liquid crystal polymer-based neuromodulation system: An application on animal model of neuropathic pain전상범Article
2022Aging-Related Dissociation of Spatial and Temporal N400 in Sentence-Level Semantic Processing: Evidence From Source Analyses성지은; 전상범; 안소라Article
2019Brain Microglial Activation in Chronic Pain-Associated Affective Disorder전상범Article
2018Brain Stimulation for Animal Behavior Control with Fear Modulation이유진Master's Thesis
2019Carbon-Fiber Based Microelectrode Array Embedded with a Biodegradable Silk Support for In Vivo Neural Recording전상범Article
2019Carbon-fiber based microelectrode array for in vivo neural recording이예나Doctoral Thesis
2019CNT bundle-based thin intracochlear electrode array전상범Article
2022Co-culture platform for neuron-astrocyte interaction using optogenetic modulation전상범Article
2016Computational modeling of epileptiform activities in medial temporal lobe epilepsy combined with in vitro experiments이승준; 이향운; 전상범Article
2013Concurrent activation of striatal direct and indirect pathways during action initiation전상범Article
2023Cortical astrocytes modulate dominance behavior in male mice by regulating synaptic excitatory and inhibitory balance전상범Article
2014Deep brain optical measurements of cell type-specific neural activity in behaving mice전상범Article
2022Development of a miniaturized, reconnectable, and implantable multichannel connector전상범Article
2016Development of wireless neural interface system전상범Article
2017Disappearance of contralateral dominant neural activity of auditory cortex after single-sided deafness in adult rats전상범Article
2018Disposable MEMS optrode array integrated with single LED for neurostimulation전상범; 지창현Article
2023Effects of cochlear implantation on cognitive decline in older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis성지은; 전상범; 안소라Article
2017Effects of Gold Nanorods on Nerve and Glial Cells in vitro김순영Master's Thesis
2015Electrical Stimulation on Anterior Cingulate Cortex Modulates Pain-related Neural Activities강태경Master's Thesis
2014Enhanced Infrared Neural Stimulation using Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance of Gold Nanorods전상범Article
2021Ethanol induces persistent potentiation of 5-HT3 receptor-stimulated GABA release at synapses on rat hippocampal CA1 neurons성지은; 전상범Article
2021Fabrication of Planar Microelectrode Array Using Laser-Patterned ITO and SU-8전상범Article
2023Fast Reconfigurable Electrode Array Based on Titanium Oxide for Localized Stimulation of Cultured Neural Network전상범Article
2020Hemispherical Microelectrode Array for Ex Vivo Retinal Neural Recording전상범Article
2020Hemispherical Microelectrode Array for Retinal Neural Interface하윤희Master's Thesis
2016High Charge Storage Capacity Electrodeposited Iridium Oxide Film on Liquid Crystal Polymer -Based Neural Electrodes전상범Article
2022Hippocampal astrocytes modulate anxiety-like behavior전상범Article