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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2021A Candidate for Blind Signature in Hash-and-Sign Paradigm이정현Master's Thesis
2003Cesar Franck의 Organ Chorale in E Major, No.1에 관한 분석 연구이정현Master's Thesis
2023Effect of β-carotene and oxaliplatin on colorectal cancer by regulating apoptosis and cancer stemness이정현Master's Thesis
2011How To Teach Religions in World History Class이정현Master's Thesis
2013Identification of active Plasmodium falciparum calpain to establish screening system for Pf-calpain-based drug development최선; 이정현Article
2012Induced-fit docking studies of phosphatidylinositide 3-kinase inhibitors and virtual screening of cell translocating kinase A inhibitors이정현Master's Thesis
2013Morphometric Changes in Lateral Ventricles of Patients with Recent-Onset Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus류인균; 이정현Article
2015MR images of mouse brain using clinical 3T MR scanner and 4CH-Mouse coil임수미; 이정경; 박은미; 류인균; 이정현Article
2014Neurocognitive changes and their neural correlates in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus홍영선; 김지은; 류인균; 이정현; 전찬수Review
2007Phosphorylation of focal adhesion kinase at Tyrosine 407 negatively regulates Ras transformation of fibroblasts오억수; 이정현Article
2013Posterior cerebellar vermal deficits in bipolar disorder류인균; 이정현Article
2012Selectivity Enhancement Arising from Interactions at the PI3K Unique Pocket최선; 이정현Article
2017Subcritical water extraction of antioxidative properties and less-polar ginsenosides from Korean red ginseng이정현Master's Thesis
2008Syndecan-2 as a mediator of migratory properties in melanoma cells이정현Master's Thesis
2009Syndecan-2 regulates the migratory potential of melanoma cells한후재; 오억수; 김재상; 이정현Article
2009Syndecan-4 promotes the retention of phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate in the plasma membrane오억수; 이정현Article
2008Syndecan-4 regulates platelet-derived growth factor-mediated MAP kinase activation by altering intracellular reactive oxygen species배윤수; 오억수; 이정현Article
2008The oligomeric status of syndecan-4 regulates syndecan-4 interaction with α-actinin오억수; 이정현Article
2014The patient health questionnaire-15 and its abbreviated version as screening tools for depression in Korean college and graduate students김지은; 이정현Article
2013The selective A3AR antagonist LJ-1888 ameliorates UUO-induced tubulointerstitial fibrosis정낙신; 하헌주; 이정현Article
2017미술과와 국어과의 통합수업이 중학교 1학년 학습자의 자아정체감에 미치는 영향이정현Master's Thesis
1999빈센트 반 고호의 회화모티브를 응용한 웨딩드레스 디자인 연구이정현Master's Thesis
2014시간선호를 통해 본 또래괴롭힘 행동이정현Master's Thesis
2003아동용 심리유형검사(MMTIC)의 성격유형에 따른 스트레스 대처행동이정현Master's Thesis
2007아동학대 예방을 위한 공익광고 표현연구이정현Master's Thesis
2003웹 기반 교육용 포럼 서버를 이용한 수행평가 지원 시스템이정현Master's Thesis
2008의사소통 능력 신장을 위한 중의성 교육 내용 연구이정현Master's Thesis
1989정서장애 유아의 사회성 발달에 미치는 음악요법의 효과이정현Master's Thesis
2015중학생의 애착과 학교생활적응의 관계에서 셀프리더십의 매개효과 검증이정현Master's Thesis
2009초등교사의 체육수업 저해요인 인식과 학교체육 정책에 관한 기대이정현Master's Thesis