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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
201427-Hydroxycholesterol and 7alpha-hydroxycholesterol trigger a sequence of events leading to migration of CCR5-expressing Th1 lymphocytes윤영대Article
2006A dominant negative form of p63 inhibits apoptosis in a p53-independent manner윤영대Article
2005A proteomics approach for the identification of nucleophosmin and heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein C1/C2 as chromatin-binding proteins in response to DNA double-strand breaks윤영대; 권종범Article
2001Adaptor protein Lad relays PDGF signal to Grb2 in lung cells: A tissue-specific PDGF signal transduction윤영대Article
2013BTNL9, a Butyrophilin-Like Molecule, is a negative regulator of T cell activation문지원Doctoral Thesis
2012Characterization of BTB-ZF transcription factor, BZEL남어리Doctoral Thesis
2010Characterization of CKLFSF7, a protein containing a MARVEL domain강민지Master's Thesis
2012Characterization of PHRF1, a novel SR-like CTD-associated protein박지혜Master's Thesis
2006Correlation of antiviral T-cell responses with suppression of viral rebound in chronic hepatitis B carriers: A proof-of-concept study윤영대Article
2012Crystal structure of DeSI-1, a novel deSUMOylase belonging to a putative isopeptidase superfamily윤영대Article
2012DeSUMOylating isopeptidase: A second class of SUMO protease윤영대Article
2000Direct interaction of the CD38 cytoplasmic tail and the Lck SH2 domain. CD38 transduces T cell activation signals through associated Lck윤영대Article
2010Epstein-Barr virus latent membrane protein 1 increases chemo-resistance of cancer cells via cytoplasmic sequestration of Pim-1윤영대Article
2004Functional Characterization of Lck-Interacting Membrane Protein, LIME, in T cell Activation and Apoptosis손명선Doctoral Thesis
2014HBx induces hypomethylation of distal intragenic CpG islands required for active expression of developmental regulators윤영대Article
2000Human hepatitis B virus x protein is a possible mediator of hypoxia-induced angiogenesis in hepatocarcinogenesis윤영대Article
2005Identification of the binding partners of p63, a p53 homolog김효실Master's Thesis
2011Identification of the binding partners of ZNF313, a putative E3 ubiquitin ligase윤소영Master's Thesis
2015Identification of the Regulatory Elements Of zbtb46 transcription유화영Master's Thesis
2004IL-23 Induces Stronger Sustained CTL and Th1 Immune Responses Than IL-12 in Hepatitis C Virus Envelope Protein 2 DNA Immunization윤영대Article
1999Lad, an adapter protein interacting with the SH2 domain of p56(lck), is required for T cell activation윤영대Article
2006LIME acts as a transmembrane adapter mediating BCR-dependent B-cell activation윤영대Article
2012LIME mediates immunological synapse formation through activation of VAV윤영대; 박인영Article
2003LIME, a Novel Transmembrane Adaptor Protein, Associates with p56 lck and Mediates T Cell Activation윤영대Article
2019Over-expression of p190RhoGEF enhances B-cell activation and germinal center formation in T-cell-dependent humoral immune responses이종란; 윤영대Article
2013PHRF1, a novel E3 ubiquitin ligase, regulates alternative splicing최은정Master's Thesis
2012Role of ETRAP, CHD3 and Notch signaling in peripheral CD8 T lymphocyte differentiation박미진Doctoral Thesis
2004Rosmarinic Acid Induces p56lck-Dependent Apoptosis in Jurkat and Peripheral T Cells via Mitochondrial Pathway Independent from Fas/Fas Ligand Interaction윤영대Article
2003Rosmarinic acid inhibits TCR-induced T cell activation and proliferation in an Lck-dependent manner윤영대Article
2008SMILE, a new orphan nuclear receptor SHP-interacting protein, regulates SHP-repressed estrogen receptor transactivation윤영대Article