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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012KPFM Measurements and Carrier Mobility Estimation in QQT(CN)4 Organic Field Effect Transistors이소윤Master's Thesis
2021Large Surface Photovoltage of WS2/MoS2 and MoS2/WS2 Vertical Hetero-bilayers윤석현; 김동욱Article
2018Layer-by-layer assembled graphene multilayers on multidimensional surfaces for highly durable, scalable, and wearable triboelectric nanogenerators김동욱Article
2013Light and Carrier Management for Efficient Photovoltaic Devices이은송이Doctoral Thesis
2019Light-Induced Surface Potential Modification in MoS2 Monolayers on Au Nanostripe Arrays김동욱; 현가담; 이상욱Article
2011Local current-voltage behaviors of preferentially and randomly textured Cu(In,Ga)Se 2 thin films investigated by conductive atomic force microscopy조윌렴; 김동욱Article
2009Magnetic properties of insulating RTiO3 thin films김동욱Article
2015Management of photo-excited carriers in light trapping nanostructured Si solar cells김동욱Conference Paper
2015Mie resonance-mediated antireflection effects of Si nanocone arrays fabricated on 8-in. wafers using a nanoimprint technique김동욱Article
2016Mie Resonance-Modulated Spatial Distributions of Photogenerated Carriers in Poly(3-hexylthiophene-2,5-diyl)/Silicon Nanopillars우정원; 김동욱; 김경곤Article
2015Modulation of electrical properties in Cu/n-type InP Schottky junctions using oxygen plasma treatment김동욱Article
2020Morphological-Electrical Property Relation in Cu(In,Ga)(S,Se)(2) Solar Cells: Significance of Crystal Grain Growth and Band Grading by Potassium Treatment김동욱Article
2020MoS2 Monolayers on Au Nanodot Arrays: Surface Plasmon, Local Strain, and Interfacial Electronic Interaction김동욱Article
2018MoS2 monolayers on Si and SiO2 nanocone arrays: influences of 3D dielectric material refractive index on 2D MoS2 optical absorption윤석현; 김동욱Article
2013Multi-level storage in a nano-floating gate MOS capacitor using a stepped control oxide김동욱Article
2013Nanoscale resistive switching schottky contacts on self-assembled Pt nanodots on SrTiO3김동욱Article
2016Nanoscopic Characterization of Electronic Band Modification using Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy손아름Doctoral Thesis
2014Novel architecture of plasmon excitation based on self-assembled nanoparticle arrays for photovoltaics김동욱Article
2011Observation of Barrier Inhomogeneity in Pt/a-plane n-type GaN Schottky Contacts김동욱Article; Proceedings Paper
2009Occurrence of both unipolar memory and threshold resistance switching in a NiO film김동욱Article
2020Opposite Polarity Surface Photovoltage of MoS2 Monolayers on Au Nanodot versus Nanohole Arrays김동욱; 이상욱; 이병훈Article
2016Optical and electrical properties of Cu-based all oxide semi-transparent photodetector김동욱Article
2016Optical and Surface Photovoltage Characterizations of Light Trapping Silicon Nanostructures김은아Master's Thesis
2016Optical Characterization of Nanostructures김수정Master's Thesis
2022Orbital Gating Driven by Giant Stark Effect in Tunneling Phototransistors김동욱Article
-Oxynitride Amorphous Carbon Layer for Electrically and Thermally Robust Bipolar Resistive Switching김동욱Article; Early Access
2023Photocurrent of Graphene/Au-Nanopillar: Near-Unity Degree of Linear Polarization김동욱Article
2016Photoheat-induced Schottky nanojunction and indirect Mott transition in VO2: Photocurrent analysis김동욱Article
2009Photoluminescence induced by thermal annealing in SrTiO3 thin film김동욱Article
2014Photophysical, amplified spontaneous emission and charge transport properties of oligofluorene derivatives in thin films우정원; 김동욱; Jean Charles RibierreArticle