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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2018Photophysical properties of cationic dyes captured in the mesoscale channels of micron-sized metal-organic framework crystals김성진; 김영미Article
2018Stabilization of antioxidant gallate in layered double hydroxide by exfoliation and reassembling reaction최진호; 최고은Article
2018Enhancement of thermoelectric performance: Via weak disordering of topological crystalline insulators and band convergence by Se alloying in Pb0.5Sn0.5Te1 - XSex김성진Article
2018Bifunctional 2D Superlattice Electrocatalysts of Layered Double Hydroxide-Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Active for Overall Water Splitting황성주Article
2018Antartin, a cytotoxic zizaane-type Sesquiterpenoid from a Streptomyces sp. Isolated from an antarctic marine sediment남상집Article
2018Toward an Effective Control of the H2 to CO Ratio of Syngas through CO2 Electroreduction over Immobilized Gold Nanoparticles on Layered Titanate Nanosheets김동하; Filipe Marques MotaArticle
2018Mechanistic Insights into the Enantioselective Epoxidation of Olefins by Bioinspired Manganese Complexes: Role of Carboxylic Acid and Nature of Active Oxidant남원우; 이용민Article
2018An Effective Way to Improve Bifunctional Electrocatalyst Activity of Manganese Oxide via Control of Bond Competition황성주Article
2018Clay-organic intumescent hybrid system for the synergetic flammability of polymer nanocomposites최진호; 양재훈Article
2018Selective carbon dioxide sorption by a new breathing three-dimensional Zn-MOF with Lewis basic nitrogen-rich channels김영미Article
2018Near-infrared fluorescent probes for the detection of glutathione and their application in the fluorescence imaging of living cells and tumor-bearing mice윤주영Article
2018Long-wavelength TCF-based fluorescence probes for the detection and intracellular imaging of biological thiols윤주영Article
2018A supramolecular photocatalyst composed of a polyoxometalate and a photosensitizing water-soluble porphyrin diacid for the oxidation of organic substrates in waterShunichi FukuzumiArticle
2018A new secondary metabolite from Korean traditional herb plant hovenia dulcis남상집Article
2018Plasmon-Mediated Electrocatalysis for Sustainable Energy: From Electrochemical Conversion of Different Feedstocks to Fuel Cell Reactions김동하Review
2018Fast Degradable Polycaprolactone for Drug Delivery정병문Article
2018Highly Condensed Boron Cage Cluster Anions in 2D Carrier and Its Enhanced Antitumor Efficiency for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy최진호; 최고은Article
2018A two-photon ESIPT based fluorescence probe for specific detection of hypochlorite윤주영Article
2018A Visible and Near-Infrared, Dual-Channel Fluorescence-On Probe for Selectively Tracking Mitochondrial Glutathione윤주영Article
2018Semitransparent Blue, Green, and Red Organic Solar Cells Using Color Filtering Electrodes김경곤; 현가담Article