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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2006Crystal structure of a coordination polymer cation of {[Ni(NO3)(H2O)2(btp)]+}∞ bridged by two btp Ligands (btp = 2,6-bis(N′-1,2,4-triazolyl)pyridine)김성진; 김영미Note
2005Crystal structure of binuclear zinc complex of 1,3-bis(1,5,9- triazacyclododec-1-yl)-propan-2-ol김영미Note
2005Crystal structure of [(1,2-bis(2-pyridine-2-carboxamido)-4,5- dimethylbenzene) (dipyridine)]cobalt(III) Perchlorate김영미Note
2017Real-time Selective Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide Based on a Tantalum Deposited Pencil Lead Electrode for Evaluation of Enzyme Activities이종목; 이영미Article
2017Structural and mechanistic characterization of an archaeal-like chaperonin from a thermophilic bacterium차선신Article
2017Insertable NO/CO Microsensors Recording Gaseous Vasomodulators Reflecting Differential Neuronal Activation Level with Respect to Seizure Focus이영미Article
2017Thermally stable bulk heterojunction prepared by sequential deposition of nanostructured polymer and fullerene김경곤Article
2017A critical role of catalyst morphology in low-temperature synthesis of carbon nanotube-transition metal oxide nanocomposite황성주Article
2017Perovskite-based photodetectors: Materials and devices김동하Review
2017Angiotensin II affects inflammation mechanisms via AMPK-related signalling pathways in HL-1 atrial myocytes황금숙Article
2017Surface engineering of the electron collecting layers for high performance organic photovoltaic cells김동하Article
2017Formation of Thermally Stable Bulk Heterojunction by Reducing the Polymer and Fullerene Intermixing김경곤Article
2018Electrodeposited nanoporous ruthenium oxide for simultaneous quantification of ascorbic acid and uric acid using chronoamperometry at two different potentials이영미Article
2017Targeting Apolipoprotein E/Amyloid β Binding by Peptoid CPO-Aβ17-21 P Ameliorates Alzheimer's Disease Related Pathology and Cognitive Decline권용억Article
2017The therapeutic effects of Yongdamsagan-tang on autoimmune hepatitis models나윤철Article
2017Cholesteryl naphthalimide-based gelators: Their applications in the multiply visual sensing of CO2 based on an anion-induced strategy윤주영Article
2017New cyclopentadienyl rhodium catalysts for electrochemical hydrogen production김진흥Article
2017Direct and fast growth of highly single crystalline α-MoO3 nanosheets on various substrates and its electrochemical activities김명화Article
2017Molecular overlap with optical near-fields based on plasmonic nanolithography for ultrasensitive label-free detection by light-matter colocalization김동하Article
2017Biosynthetic pathways of aminoglycosides and their engineering윤여준; 남상집; 차선신Review