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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2019Synthesis of (S,S)-Reboxetine고수영Article
2019Kinetic study on aminolysis of aryl X-substituted-cinnamates in acetonitrile: differential medium effect determines reactivity and reaction mechanism엄익환Article
2019Hydrazinolysis of aryl cinnamates and related esters: the alpha-effect arises from stabilization of five-membered cyclic transition state엄익환Article
2019SnO2 nanosheets/graphite oxide/g-C3N4 composite as enhanced performance anode material for lithium ion batteries김성진Article
2019Kinetics and mechanisms of catalytic water oxidation남원우; Shunichi Fukuzumi; 이용민Review
2019Self-assembling nanoprobes that display two-dimensional fluorescent signals for identification of surfactants and bacteria윤주영Article
2019Ile-Lys-Val-ala-Val (IKVAV) peptide for neuronal tissue engineering황성주Review
2019Antimicrobial activity of a conjugated polymer with cationic backbone윤주영; Qingling XuArticle
2019Single-Step Electrospun Ir/IrO2 Nanofibrous Structures Decorated with Au Nanoparticles for Highly Catalytic Oxygen Evolution Reaction이종목; 이영미; 김명화Article
2019Heme and Nonheme High-Valent Iron and Manganese Oxo Cores in Biological and Abiological Oxidation Reactions남원우; Mian GuoArticle
2019Arising synergetic and antagonistic effects in the design of Ni- and Ru-based water splitting electrocatalysts김동하; Filipe Marques Mota; 이지은Article
20192-(Benzothiazol-2-yl)pyren-1-ol, a new excited state intramolecular proton transfer-based fluorescent sensor for nitroaromatic compounds윤주영Article
2019A near-infrared fluorescent probe for amyloid-β aggregates김진흥Article
2019Rhodamine derivatives bearing thiourea groups serve as fluorescent probes for selective detection of ATP in mitochondria and lysosomes윤주영; K.M.K SwamyArticle
2019Alendronate-anionic clay nanohybrid for enhanced osteogenic proliferation and differentiation최진호; 최고은Article
2019Self-powered reduced-dimensionality perovskite photodiodes with controlled crystalline phase and improved stability김동하Article
2019Synthesis of heavily Cu-doped Bi 2 Te 3 nanoparticles and their thermoelectric properties김성진; 한미경Article
2019Fluorogenic probes for disease-relevant enzymes윤주영Review
2019Remarkable influence of the local symmetry of substituted 3d metal ion on bifunctional electrocatalyst performance of α-MnO2 nanowire황성주Article
2019A Mononuclear Nonheme Iron(IV)-Amido Complex Relevant for the Compound II Chemistry of Cytochrome P450남원우; Shunichi FukuzumiArticle