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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2013Ready to move to Canada?Lee, Sang EunMaster's Thesis
2013Practical English for EFL Job CandidatesLim, SeungraeMaster's Thesis
2013Biography FunChung, KlairMaster's Thesis
2013Around the WorldMin, YunhongMaster's Thesis
2013The Hospitality IndustryHwang, Christine YunaMaster's Thesis
2013Art and History for StudentsIm, HongjuMaster's Thesis
2013Korea, Korea!Oh, HeilMaster's Thesis
2013Productive skills through LiteratureJung, Eun NaMaster's Thesis
2013“Let’s Have Fun with Math in English!”Oh, Yeon JinMaster's Thesis
2013Speak the CultureKim, Min SeonMaster's Thesis