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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012A New Iterative Non-Local Means for Image Denoising최보수Master's Thesis
2012Some properties of 2-expansive operators정주연Master's Thesis
2012Efficient computation for optimal pairings over elliptic curves엄수경Doctoral Thesis
2012On class A operators and complex symmetric operators정성은Doctoral Thesis
2011On 2×2 operator matrices with commuting components김연하Doctoral Thesis
2011Solving a Nonconvex Quadratic Optimization Problem by Splitting Coefficient Matrices of its Constraints and its Numerical Experiments이언경Master's Thesis
2011Image Zooming Method based on Data Adapted Moving Least Squares using Non-Local Penalty Function이상아Master's Thesis
2011Metrics on Complex manifolds임정하Master's Thesis
2011Constructing elliptic curves with bilinear groups of composite order안소영Master's Thesis
2011Multi-Point Algebraic Geometry Codes Using Higher Degree Places김보란Master's Thesis
2011SDP Formulations of Rank Minimization and Numerical Experiments이나래Master's Thesis
2010국내 보험사의 RBC제도와 리스크 관리에 관한 연구박경미Master's Thesis
2010Data-adaptive Image Zooming based on Moving Least-squares조하나Master's Thesis
2010Construction of Pairing-friendly Elliptic Curves with fixed or variable CM discriminant조은주Master's Thesis
2010Numerical methods for pricing of European option강현주Master's Thesis
2010A lower bound on the minimum weight of qth power residue codes over GF(q)유진주Master's Thesis
2010Self-dual Code Construction over GF(p^k) and Z_p^k via Diophantine Equations김지애Master's Thesis
2010Some properties of the sum of two nilpotent operators박은희Master's Thesis
2010Some properties of operators in class θ정은진Master's Thesis
2010Numerical Experiments for Nuclear Norm Minimization Problems김남희Master's Thesis