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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022A Case of Vesicular Mycosis Fungoides최혜영; 최유원; 박상희; 변지연; 이민영Article
2007A new self-assembled inorganic-organic hybrid layered compound containing hexarhenium cluster: [MV][{Mn(CH3OH)2}{Re6Se8(CN)6}]김성진; 이민영; 김영미Article
2000Active site probing of some proteins by time-resolved fluorescence김소연Master's Thesis
2017An Investigation of the Predictive Power of Technostress Creators in Job Satisfaction and Teacher Efficacy of Primary School Teachers in Korea이민영Master's Thesis
2020Analysis of positive rates for standard allergens of patch test in Korea with literature review최혜영; 최유원; 변지연; 이민영Review
2002Bayesian analysis of latent class Tobit models이민영Master's Thesis
2006Characterization of DNA-dye complexes on nanostructure arrays이민영Article
2014Characterization of early-stage Amyloid aggregates by incorporating extrinsic fluorescence and atomic force microscopy이민영Article
2012Communication: Time-resolved fluorescence of highly single crystalline molecular wires of azobenzene이민영; 김명화Article
2010Comparative analysis on the nanoindentation of polymers using atomic force microscopy이민영Article
2004Concentration and pH dependence of A beta(11-25) conformations이민영Article
2005CXQuery의 XQuery 변환기 개발이민영Master's Thesis
2011Deformation-enhanced fluorescence resonance energy transfer이민영Article
2013Determination of the elastic modulus of poly(ethylene oxide) using a photoisomerizing dye이민영Article
2009DND-189 as an amyloid aggregation probe이민영Letter
2011Dynamics of photo-excited 9-dicanovinyljulolidine in poly(ethylene glycol)-poly(acrylic acid) blends이민영Article
2013Effect of conjugated linoleic acid, μ-calpain inhibitor, on pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease이민영; 김화정; 권영주Article
1997Effect of ganglioside GM3 on the erythrocyte glucose transporter (GLUT1): Conformational changes measured by steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy전길자; 이민영Article
2012Elasticity-controlled molecular dynamics of 9,9′-bifluorenyldene as a function of temperature and force이민영Article
2010Elucidation of the intramolecular energy transfer process of 9,9-spirobifluorene via a measurement of the time-resolved fluorescence anisotropy이민영Article
2015Estimation of multiexponential fluorescence decay parameters using compressive sensing이민영; 이병욱; 양세정Article
2013Estimation of particle size distribution using photon autocorrelation function from dynamic light scattering considering unknown baseline이민영; 김정태Article
2014Excited state dynamics of internal twisting and electron transfer dyes in condensed phases이유민Master's Thesis
2009Excited state dynamics of Nile Red in polymers이민영Article
2010Excited-state dynamics of a hemicyanine dye in polymer blends이민영Article
2014Excited-state dynamics of bis(9-fluorenyl)methane and its derivative 9-(9-ethylfluorenyl)-9′-fluorenylmethane: Steric effect on energetics and dynamics of ground- and excited-state conformations이민영Article
1999Excited-state photophysics and dynamics of a hemicyanine dye in AOT reverse micelles이민영Article
2012Excluded volume effect in the fluorescence energy transfer of single donor-multiple acceptors in polymer이민영Article
2016Exploration of a New Solvatochromic Dye Bearing the Excited-State Intramolecular Proton Transfer Functionality이민영; 김원석Article in Press
2000Fast luminescence decay processes of photoexcited Eu3+ in CaS:Eu,La김성진; 이민영Article