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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2016Acute hyperammonemic encephalopathy after 5-fluorouracil based chemotherapy김광호; 이령아; 정순섭; 홍경숙; 문나라Article
2010Anticancer effects of IP6 in a human colon carcinoma cell line in nude mice xenografts김광호; 이령아Article
2011Clinical applications of radio-frequency ablation in liver metastasis of colorectal cancer김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2020Computed tomography based cross-sectional anatomy of the pelvis predicts surgical outcome after rectal cancer surgery김광호; 이령아; 정순섭; 노경태Article
2009Concomitant adjacent organ resection in locally advanced colon cancer김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2010Diagnostic efficacy of the alvarado score according to age in acute appendicitis김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2010Early experience of Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation and rectoanal repair (DG-HAL & RAR) for the treatment of symptomatic hemorrhoids김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2009Early experience with Doppler-guided hemorrhoidal artery ligation김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2009Ellagic acid shows different anti-proliferative effects between the MDA-MB-231 and MCF-7 human breast cancer cell lines문병인; 이령아; 최국진Article
2011Epidermal growth factor receptor mutations in colorectal cancer patients김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2018Epidermal growth factor-mediated Rab25 pathway regulates integrin beta 1 trafficking in colon cancer김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2006Expression of caveolin-1 is correlated with Akt-1 in colorectal cancer tissues김광호; 이령아Article
2012Extensive bowel ischemia with heavy alcohol consumption: Report of a case이령아Article
2006Hemoglobin induces colon cancer cell proliferation by release of reactive oxygen species김광호; 이령아Article
2010Induction of apoptosis with diallyl disulfide (DADS) in AGS gastric cancer cell line이정은Doctoral Thesis
2011Induction of apoptosis with diallyl disulfide in AGS gastric cancer cell line김광호; 이주호; 이령아Article
2020Initial clinical experience of single-incision robotic colorectal surgery with da Vinci SP platform김광호; 이령아; 정순섭; 노경태; 한명현Article
2011Metastasis to the breast from colonic adenocarcinoma김광호; 성순희; 문병인; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2010New assessment of the N1-N2 substaging in stage III colorectal cancer김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2012New hope for wound healing after bowel resection이령아Editorial
2015Oncologic outcomes in rectal cancer with close distal resection margins: A retrospective analysis김광호; 이령아; 정순섭; 홍경숙; 문나라Article
2013Optimal time of initiating adjuvant chemotherapy after curative surgery in colorectal cancer patients김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2017Prognostic factors and treatment outcomes for patients with Fournier's gangrene: a retrospective study김광호; 이령아; 정순섭; 홍경숙Article
2018Prognostic significance of survivin expression and combined analysis with cancer stem cell and epithelial–mesenchymal transition-related markers in patients with rectal cancer undergoing preoperative chemoradiotherapy김광호; 조민선; 이령아; 남은미; 김규보Article
2014Psychological attitude to self-appraisal of stoma patients: Prospective observation of stoma duration effect to self-appraisal김광호; 이령아; 김의정; 정순섭Article
2014Role of β1-integrin in colorectal cancer: Case-control study김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2016Silencing the livin gene enhances the cytotoxic effects of anticancer drugs on colon cancer cells김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article
2011SiRNA targeting livin decreases tumor in a xenograft model김광호; 이령아Article
2015Surgical outcomes of Korean ulcerative colitis patients with and without colitis-associated cancer이령아Article
2014The availability of computed tomography for pulmonary staging in colorectal cancer김광호; 이령아; 정순섭Article