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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015A Phonetic Study of Consonantal and Positional Effects on Syllable Weight오미란Master's Thesis
2012Acoustic Properties of Korean and English Sibilants Produced by Native and Non-native Speakers박용희Master's Thesis
2014An acoustic analysis of discourse-level prosody produced by Korean learners of English김보람Master's Thesis
2008Coarticulation in non-native speakers of English and French: An acoustic study오은진Article
2011Dialectal Variations of English and Their Effects on the Production and Perception of Second Language Learners조성혜Master's Thesis
2019Effects of gender on the use of voice onset time and fundamental frequency cues in perception and production of English stops오은진Article
2020Effects of L2 experience on the acquisition of English trisyllabic noun stress patterns by native Korean speakers김성연Master's Thesis
2011Effects of speaker gender on voice onset time in Korean stops오은진Article
2016Gender Effects on Voice Onset Time According to English Proficiency of Korean Learners of English박지현Master's Thesis
2007Perceptual Similarity in Loanword Adaptation김승경Master's Thesis
2010Production and Perception of English Voiceless Stops by Korean Speakers박정현Master's Thesis
2018Spectral patterns of the American English diphthong /aI/ as a function of coda voicing produced by native Korean speakers오은진Article
2009Synthesis, Characterization, and Application of Exfoliated Nanosheet of Layered Transition Metal Oxides오은진Master's Thesis
2018The Effect of Language Experience on the Production and Perception of English Vowels by Native Korean Speakers윤지현Master's Thesis
2015The Effect of Word Stress on the Production of English Voiceless Plosives오원경Master's Thesis
2013영어 습득 시기가 영어 모음 발음에 미치는 영향이상은Master's Thesis
2011영어 차용어 모음 삽입 현상 분석김정미Master's Thesis
2018영어와 한국어 단자음과 중첩자음의 길이 비교 연구김다운Master's Thesis
2015영화를 활용한 이슬람사 수업방안오은진Master's Thesis
2007지리킬리안(Jiri Kylian)작품에나타난 음악적특성에관한연구오은진Master's Thesis
2007학생에 의한 과학 수업평가를 위한 평가도구의 개발오은진Master's Thesis
2015한국어 모국어 화자에 의한 영어 [폐쇄음 + 비자음] 연속의 조음김정영Master's Thesis
2014한국인 영어 학습자의 영어 유음 인지와 발화에 관한 연구김의영Master's Thesis