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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2017Effect of culture on sensory and consumer research: Asian perspectives이혜성Review
2020Effect of thinking style and consumption purpose on food choice: A case study with yogurt using a discrete choice experiment and eye-tracking이혜성; 김민아Article
2009Effects of order of tasting in sensory difference tests using apple juice stimuli: Development of a new model이혜성Article
2008Effects of steeping temperatures and periods of waxy rice on expansion properties of Gangjung (a traditional Korean oil-puffed rice snack)김광옥; 이혜성Article
2012Estimation of the Thurstonian model for the 2-AC protocol이혜성Article
2014Estimation of Thurstonian Models for Various Forced-Choice Sensory Discrimination Methods as a Form of the "M+N" Test이혜성Article
2020Exploration of a new consumer test method based on metacognitive certainty이혜성Article
2001Hedonic R-index measurement of temperature preferences for drinking black coffee이혜성Article
2014Higher performance of constant-reference duo-trio test incorporating affective reference framing in comparison with triangle test이혜성Article
2001How do the signal detection indices react to frequency context bias for intensity scaling?김광옥; 이혜성Article
2016Idiographic duo–trio tests using a constant-reference based on preference of each consumer: Sample presentation sequence in difference test can be customized for individual consumers to reduce error이혜성Article
2018Improving consumer test method for product innovation이연주Master's Thesis
2021Investigating the performance of ‘double-faced applicability' test using a three-dimensional perception model of milk-containing RTD coffee products in comparison to emotion circumplex modelNUR AZATIL ISMAH MD SHAMSHUL BAHRINMaster's Thesis
2015Investigation of consumer acceptance measure using two different SDT indirect scaling approaches for sodium reduction김효진Master's Thesis
2020Investigation of consumer research methodology for food/beverage products이정은Master's Thesis
2021Investigation of effects and interactions of consumer health motivation and cognitive thinking style on visual attention to and choice of food packages박소연Master's Thesis
2016Investigation of odd sample bias to improve estimation of consumer preference윤지영Master's Thesis
2012Investigation of operationally more powerful duo-trio test protocols: Effects of different reference schemes이혜성Article
2019Investigation of test performance of choice task and eye-tracking in combination with sensory acceptance test to better predict the consumer perception and behavior김주원Master's Thesis
2017Investigation of test performance of dual reminder A-Not A (DR A-Not A) in comparison to 3-AFC for sensory discrimination of drinking water문지원Master's Thesis
2019Investigation of test performance of the dual reminder A-Not A (DR A-Not A)in comparison to 3-AFC for discriminating samples of drinking water이혜성; 김민아Article
2020Investigation of test performance of the ‘double-faced applicability’ test for product profiling and discrimination using milk-containing RTD coffee products이예진Master's Thesis
2011Investigation Of Test Performance Over Repeated Sessions Using Signal Detection Theory: Comparison Of Three Nonattribute-Specified Difference Tests 2-Afcr, A-Not A And 2-Afc이혜성Article
2021Investigation of the effects of the cognitive contextual procedures on the preference and sensitivity of sensory discrimination of food products김민정Master's Thesis
2015Measurement of consumers’ sensory discrimination and preference: Efficiency of preference-difference test utilizing the 3-point preference test precedes the same-different test이혜성Article
2013Nonparametric Estimation of d′ and Its Variance for the A-Not A with Reminder이혜성Article
2020Observed discriminability is more variable than predicted by signal detection theory이혜성Article
2015Optimal difference test sequence and power for discriminating soups of varying sodium content: DTFM version of dual-reference duo-trio with unspecified tetrad tests이혜성Article
2008Paired preference tests using placebo pairs and different response options for chips, orange juices and cookies김광옥; 이혜성Article
2011Paired Preference Tests: Use Of Placebo Stimuli With Liking And Buying Preferences김광옥; 이혜성Article