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제7차 교육과정에 따른 고등학교 <중국어I> 교과서 평가 문항 연구

제7차 교육과정에 따른 고등학교 <중국어I> 교과서 평가 문항 연구
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The focus of 7th Chinese Curriculum in Korea is to improve communicative competence for daily conversation and based on that, build up attitudes that communicate actively with Chinese. Chinese textbooks have been made according to these educational aims. There are various ways of evaluating communicative competence, the ultimate purpose of Chinese language education. The purpose of this study was to find an effective way of evaluating Chinese language ability for improving communicative competence through analyzing evaluation items in the high school Chinese textbooks based on the 7th Curriculum. The reason why is that evaluation has a close and inevitable relationship with teaching and learning and effective continual feedback between teaching and learning can have a best effect on Chinese learning and reach the aims of Chinese eduation. This paper investigated how the high school Chinese textbooks based on the 7th Curriculum provided the evaluation items and how they tested effectively four language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking through analyzing evaluation items by types and communication functions The results and suggestions of this study are as follows: First, this study analyzed types of evaluation items into two types such as a selection-type item and a supply-type item. The rate of supply-type items was higher than that of selective-type items and in supply-type items, the rate of shortanswer- type items was the highest of all. Shortanswer-type items and completion items were 71% of all. It s because students can identify the learning aims of each chapter and know immediately the degree of their learning achievement. The results of analyzing the types of the evaluation item showed that the items need to have a power of discrimination because of the probability that can be written right answers by chance. This calls for the need to evaluate complexed items that can show the merits of each type instead of a single type. Second, this study showed that in order of the degree of reflection of 4 language skills, most of high school Chinese textbooks refelected 4 language skills like these; writing(37.3%), listening(25.7%), speaking(23%) and reading(14%). The area of listening was analyzed into two parts, listening test and listening comprehension test. It was found that listening test formed 39% of all, but it couldn t evaluate enough the particularity of Chinese. In listening comprehension test, the items about understanding the pictures formed the highest percentage of all. Furthermore, listening comprehension test using visual matrials seems to be useful for beginning level learners in a point of view that can evaluate the listening ability without regard to letters. But, it was shown that the rate of test items in each textbook was too much biased by particular types of items. This study analyzed speaking test items into controlled speaking and free speaking. Controlled speaking formed 76.5% of all. The most conspicuous characteristics in speaking test items is that the items having a conversation or talking with teachers and friends or by partners and groups were presented by various types. But, the types of conversation only changing the words still formed 49.4% of all. That s why various types of controlled speaking need to be made more than before. Free speaking formed 23.5% of all in a point of view that can impose a heavy burden on beginning level learners and showed a relatively big deviation each and every textbook. This study also analyzed the area of reading into 4 parts: reading, ability to read, grammar and vocabulary. In the case of the test of reading ability, it is necessary to present various materials related to daily lives such as guide books, maps, manual books, commercial advertisements and so on. It also calls for the items to be able to test complex and reasoning understanding. But, this study indicates that in some textbooks, test items are presented too much leaning on only one or two types. This study also shows that it is necessary to make various integrated evaluation items because each area in four language skills is not separated but organically combined.
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