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교실 중국어 수업 모형에 대한 연구

교실 중국어 수업 모형에 대한 연구
Issue Date
교육대학원 중국어교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The Purpose of this study is to encourage students to learn Chinese easily and naturally by adopting Chinese in every common situation which is apt to encounter in classroom, which helps teachers to lead Chinese lecture. Classroom Chinese means Chinese used in classroom which is simple, easy and efficient for a certain situation. In this manner, we can define Classroom Chinese as teaching-learning Chinese used in every procedure in class such as greeting, calling the roll, introducing subject, leading class, giving questions, directing and purposing subject. The 7th curriculum succeeded the main stream of the 6th curriculum which put its emphasis on communication. Glowing attention toward foreign language education in fluency in communication has led great need of suitable teaching and learning method. It s a common idea that supplying a lot of chances to listen and speak a foreign language is the best way to improve communication ability in foreign language. Therefore, setting the class environment similar to that of China and playing role of Chinese teacher and students in Chinese class may help to lead natural Chinese class, which is the reason I study on this. If teacher is able to make students regard Chinese as language for communication not subject for exam by using Classroom Chinese , she is also able to make students reduce the antipathy against Chinese as foreign language as well as make them feel intimacy as language for communication. Also repeated basic samples of Classroom Chinese will be naturally memorized by students, which leads students to learn basic structures of sentences. It may leave great possibility to lead them to expand those sentences with using other words, which result in efficient skill of learning Chinese of their own. To make it happen, teacher, herself, must be qualified in speaking and listening Chinese. A qualified teacher in speaking and listening Chinese will give students reliance of class and also bring interest in class. Based on objects as written above, followings are suggested to preform Classroom Chines efficiently with Chinese as a major teaching median. In chapter 1, the object and the method of Classroom Chinese are mentioned. In chapter 2, as theoretic background, I refer to previous paper on Communicative language Teaching and Natural Approach . In chapter 3, examples of Chinese usage in each situation are shown. It mentions various situations which may happen in classroom and divides them into five steps - introduction, development, expansion, arrangement and usage of multimedia teaching aids. Sentences suitable for each situation are written, which is verified by native Chinese. In chapter 4, a model of Classroom Chinese is shown based on data mentioned above.
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