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중국어 읽기 능력 신장을 위한 지도방안 연구 : 인문계 고등학교 중국어 교육을 중심으로

중국어 읽기 능력 신장을 위한 지도방안 연구 : 인문계 고등학교 중국어 교육을 중심으로
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
The purpose of this study is to find out the difficulties that highschool students have in Chinese reading and present an effective teaching method to improve their reading comprehension ability. The Korean high school students who learn Chinese as a foreign language seldom have the opportunity to speak Chinese except during the Chinese class, and Chinese is taught mainly in the written mode in big classrooms(forty or more students)by the teachers. Most of the scholastic ability test items are the reading comprehension. So, the reading comprehension is very important to the high school students at present. But, in teaching reading comprehension, most teachers still use the grammar-translation method in spite of some improvement in the testing of reading comprehension mode. Therefore, to improve the students reading ability, it is necessary that the students should understand what reading comprehension is about and how it can be taught effectively. Chapter I presents how the motivation and scope of this study are described. Chapter II reviews the theories about definition of reading, reading comprehension and the reading processes. Chapter III analyze learners interest and opinion of Chinese reading through a survery. In chapter IV, the writer has suggested some techniques of four essential factors(vocabulary, cloze procedure, skimming and scanning) closely connected with reading comprehension for teachers to instruct. Chapter V presents the analysis on the results of the experiments of the newly taught reading lessons. Finally, summary and some suggestions are presented in Chapter VI. Trying to develop an effective reading comprehension ability, I have trained the second grade high school students. Two classes of the same level were selected for this research. One is the experimental class who used the traditional grammar translation method, and the other is the controlled classes who used this experimental teaching method. I have given tests to evaluate the students reading comprehension abilities and compared the results of the pre-tests with those of the post-tests. After eight months, the test results showed that students of the experimental class got a higher score on the exam than those of the controlled class. Therefore, if teachers teach students by means of this experimental teaching methods for more than eight months, it is expected that students reading ability will be able to improve. It is difficult for students to master all the skills of reading comprehension. It takes constant practice to develop this ability. Teachers must keep in mind to teach the students the most efficient skills in the situation. Chinese should be taught in the direction of equally developing four skills; listening, speaking, reading and writing. Especially through effective reading instruction teachers must give students the interest in Chinese and have students develop their immeasurable imagination.
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