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高等學校 中國語 基礎 發音敎育用 CD-ROM타이틀 設計 및 具現

高等學校 中國語 基礎 發音敎育用 CD-ROM타이틀 設計 및 具現
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(The) plan and realization of the CD-ROM title for a chinese basic phonetic education in highschool
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교육대학원 중국어교육전공
고등학교중국어 기초발음 교육용CD-ROM타이틀
이화여자대학교 교육대학원
This study aims at the plan and realization of CD-ROM title for the phonetic which can be used at Chinese phonetic lessons in high school. The brief construction of this study is as follows. At first, I analyzed general theory about CAI including CD-ROM title and existing phonetic education of CD-ROM title, then I explore the desirable CD-ROM title direction by examing the principle and methodology of this substational contents. On the basis of these contents, I planned the CD-ROM title for the Chinese phonetic education (in this, I divided the CD-ROM title into 2 parts-contents and skills) and also on the basis of this plan, I realized a practical screen. The character of this CD-ROM title is as follows. 1. N-ape high school students want to be a user rather than just a spectator or listener. They seek after self-development and innovation. They also search information and have a story independence, self-control, spontaneity, opened emotion, free expression. For these characteristic learners. I progressed contents as simple as possible. And in this CD-ROM title, I emphasized a feed-back including 잰말놀이 a children's songs and games. Through this feed-back learners can repeat with interesting. Until now, I've never made a complete yet. I'll link these contents in homepage to enjoy more songs and games with pleasure. 2. Maintain an interesting process through the student's character applying 3D animation. 3. Present a shape of tongue and lip applying a flash with a double feature. 4. Have the students practice to divide their musical range into 5 parts with 5 sounds Do-Re-Mi-Fa-Sol, and have them practice their pitch. 5. They can record and listen their vocal sounds. 6. Ascertain their present level through "relive stress", and supply an interesting feed-hack according as the result. 7. Disciple the practiced pitch and prononciation through 잰말놀이. 8. Stress an interest about Chinese through learning a Chinese children's song, especially produce an accompaniment to flow a rhythm when a user sing. In this case, an accompaniment must be as fun and exciting as possible. This part is one of the most popular =and interesting instructions(lessons), so I'll upgrade this part in homepage continuously. Undoubtedly, among the word(), pronunciation must be first presented, after that they can be see.() And also, because this is a basic step, we must consider not to interest an interpretation and must have them practice pronunciation very hard. 9. In a supplement, I collected many useful culture-materials (foods, culture, B light opera, and cultural inheritance) for the use of actual lessons easily. As mentioned above, in this CD-ROM title, I made an effort to construct it Chinese phonetic that the learners can learn and practice with an interest. Almost multimedia program including CD-ROM title has an merit to have students pay an attention, but the most essential thing is a instructor's quality and text contents, thus, we must match these programs with actual lessons. I confess this CD-ROM title has many defects due to economical problems and unskilled labors. But taking an opportunity of this study. I want to study further concerning the Chinese education which is applying multimedia. Finally, I expert to develop more useful Chinese education softwares adding the more progressive multimedia technology and a well-framed Chinese education theory.
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